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Come to realise that they can benefit for from having a positive positive relationship with one another and that's what we saw on display today the g the farm which was a marked difference from their first offering count on may it was camp tonight with dinner will tower after watching still this celebrations in paris tomorrow mr trump heads back to the united states and more repercussions from his sons rusher meeting senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley said he wants donald trump junior to testify in open session as soon as next week for the pbs newshour on john young as we just heard the president defended his older sons meeting with the russian lawyer last year saying that it was standard opposition research but some have question that promise to discuss all this we are joined now by two campaign veterans tim miller is the former communications director for jeb bush has presidential campaign he's also cofounder of the republican opposition research group america rising and christina reynolds she was the deputy communications director for hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and she's now the a senior vice president for global strategy group a democratic research firm and we welcome both of you to the our christine i'm going to start with you tell our audience what is opposition research while when i started we used to call it quotes votes than anecdotes it is gathering public information to.

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