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Hate me so whenever i post anything. There's always two people that will will be the first people that do it. My sister pat and brian meyer. Who is married to chelsea's best friend. Jenny meyer and he'll be the for those. Two guys must live on their social media out there like the first two likes. I two comments all the time. And sometimes i actually have posted a picture and said hey brian and pat here. You go kinda like we'll put it in the into description there there's more into like social media in your face on page. Never why. Because i got hired in this building like almost five years ago nowadays an email to the building that said welcome our new promotions person when i got hired in with a picture of me and my name and he were the first surprise me within forty seconds. Wow i didn't realize that audio probably was q. Is probably. I didn't meet you but i saw your picture looked like and i probably was trying to flirt like hidden florida or something. I don't god. I haven't logged into my facebook so long i had to send. It just sent me a verification code. It doesn't recognize me. See i like. I love leg. I love social media but the two things that are like the worst on it. Which i wish i could go away. Is the people who post for like status. Like they're just showing you their status of of like where i don't know like it's a status competition and like people who do politics stuff argue about now. I know what. I hate about facebook. People i'm serious everybody's so negative on facebook. What it is when people are so much nicer on instagram. People aren't rotten a whole. yes yes. it's literally insane to see the difference between could get rid of facebook post the same words the same everything and we'll be like you're queen. I'm so happy for you on facebook like your garbage and you deserve to live. I think we're going to do an update here right after the dirty with megan on her thing that we go so we'll we'll find out if there is a difference between instagram and facebook on on that facebook. Twelve of them were pregnant. Ninety friends. there. You go exactly. I had a somebody who worked in the building. I can't remember who the heck it was. Now it's gonna make me feel even worse but got so mad that i accept them on as a facebook friend so now i sound like a big jerk that ellen just said what she said but i didn't know with the real name was like mad at me when i wouldn't accept you as a friend. Well we'll typically you don't. I'm not even talking. That wasn't with facebook that was in real life but no with this person. It was one of the people that worked at jail. I didn't know what their real name was at all in. I didn't look at the picture. Don't say that sounds even worse than not accepting why they have a radio name okay. Yeah that's i didn't know there with their legit nameless. What's going on debbie. Listen to you every morning. Have you are not the only one pastor day. That's just happened to you really know my coworker. She she's seventy seven years old. And i came up showing she was buried and she's been married for like forty years really so it did. It did something to yeah. So everybody's like. Oh i mean we are and maybe i was married to your seven year. Old co worker. It was crazy. Well thank thanks for listening to the show and if you listen to the show hopeful you follow our mojo in the morning. Facebook facebook page. How how. I don't do anything other than find out where the hot girls are. That i went to high school slash mojo in the morning. Let's give away some concert tickets. It's our mojo concert series. The hella mega tour starring weezer green day in fall out boy. Eight four four mojo live eight four four six five six five four eight. Ninety caller wins eight. Four four six six five six five four eight hundred four motola shoes shannon ladda dirty this morning and simone biles again story early yesterday. Let me just catch up with everything. Superstar gymnast simone biles decided to withdraw from the team event at the olympics while usa gymnastics said it was a medical issue that she was dealing with simone herself clarified. It was not a physical injury. It was a mental thing. I just felt like it would be a little bit better to take back. see Work on my mindfulness. And i knew that the girls would do an absolutely great job and i didn't wanna orissa team a medal for Kind of my scrubs. Because they've worked way too hard for that. I feel like i robbed them of a couple of ten and we could have been a little bit higher team still nabbed a silver medal than overnight simone announced she will not be competing in tomorrow's individual all around competition. She wants to take care of herself and focus on her mental wellbeing. She will be evaluated daily to see if she's going to participate in the event finals. Next week so you were asking last hour. She is staying in tokyo. She is not coming home because there is a chance she still could former team. Usa gymnasts are now speaking out in support of her decision while some critics are saying. Well this sucks. She abandoned her team. So many people an oath swelling number of people so many goodness mortgage she got. I applaud her but she was sexually assaulted the last time she went to the olympics. Right did we forget about that. I mean to prioritize your mental wellness over everything else to me speaks volumes about you as a person I think she's inspiring and setting a great example for not only people everywhere but women everywhere alum her boyfriend by the way jonathan's from the houston texans showing his support in the comments section of her instagram yesterday. Just writing about how proud. He is not only of her. What her team as. Well if you heard the rumor going around yesterday that paris hilton is pregnant. I wanna clear that one for you. She's not on the newest episode of her. Podcast showed it very clear she was not expecting. There are tons of stories coming out with the headline paris. Hilton is pregnant. I also look up to about three thousand texts. All my iphones are blowing up. Everyone you meet. Congratulations and so happy for me. And but yes. I am pregnant with triplets. So thank you guys. Congratulations i actually. I'm just kidding. I am not pregnant not yet now. And her fiance have been undergoing. Ivf treatments as they prepared to get married but so she says no success there just yet so i don't know how this rumor started but i'm assuming that it was the paris hilton push up off menu lingerie line. I was wearing it at dinner with my fiance carter. Guess some people got some shots put them out and now they have a very reliable source that says paris hilton is pregnant. I'm not yet. Did anybody really say that or she using this to promote her clothing line now a page six. We talked about it at the end of the show. We just got finished doing the last dirty page. Everybody's a bigger learn. President biden is expected to announce a requirement that all federal employees be vaccinated against kovic or be required to submit to regular testing. That announcement is coming tomorrow from what i've been told the move comes as the. Us is facing surging infection rates and hospitalizations calls caused by that delta variant that we keep hearing about over and over again the cdc issued new guidelines. Yesterday afternoon essentially saying masks on indoors. Again if you live in an area with high or substantial transmission rates which by the way we don't but and that's regardless of whether you're vaccinated. The voice welcomes our anagram day as a coach for season. Twenty one in a new promo featuring blake shelton. John legend and kelly clarkson. 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