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Know. We're going to play a little military jeopardy. Versus Con. Let's see how it goes down now. These questions that I found are actually military questions that have appeared on the real jeopardy show. They are not at any particular order. There's going to be choose from so I'm just going to go through and see who could get the most out of these questions, not even really sure how many they are. Are we ready for round? Will be all right. So what's your buzzer going to be Kate? Sweating but. Okay, kate has to say sweaty, but China in. Just, make some sort of noise. Okay, here we go. Number One. Despite objections from the Pentagon on July Twenty Six. Nine, thousand, nine, hundred, forty eight Harry Truman issued an executive order telling the military to do. This. Go to fucking war. If you remember correctly, you have to say is. You're and that would be. that. That'd be incorrect. No. Don's monthly. Coward! Yeah sorry, I don't know the answer is. What is abolish discrimination? Forces. An. Guest Sean how lay. Really Clue number to gold. Beach was at the centre I'll tell you what the value on the show was to. The last one was a tough one, so don't feel bad if you didn't get that one. That was actually a daily double. That was in the two thousand dollar. That's a tough question. That's a difficult one. This one however is a little bit different. This one is four hundred value clue is gold. Beach was at the centre five days, designated landing areas, and during this nineteen forty four military operation Kate respect the game by not saying what he but until I needed. Her. What is the battle of Jima. Is. All say bet. What is the invasion of Normandy because the centers fault? Correct eight now. I- unbelievable clue number three coming up with Kate and the lead. The story that's one is six hundred dollar value, and the category was military matters. The story that goes that Nineteenth Century Marines wore collar protection from bayonets events didn't. Get is. Versus. What is leather neck? WOW new. Russian. You don't have to he. Right good job, semper Fidelis Latin for always faithful. It's the motto. The US Marine Corps as as of two thousand seventeen number of marines and active duty or eight, hundred, eighty, two thousand. With thirty, eight, thousand in reserve nicely done by the jeopardy, folks there clue number four with the score tied up at one. The Marine military. Academy in Harlington Texas both the original Plaster Statue of the flag raising. What is Your Jima? Con- didn't wait for me to call on you, so the answer goes to case Kate. What's the correct? That is correct. What is? That's some Bullshit Alex K taste to lead to two one coon number five in two thousand thirteen, the government officially said this numeric military facility in Nevada existed areas, not match are const. What is area fifty one? That is correct. It's one of the most enduring Americans. Conspiracy theories involve supposed presence of aliens at a remote military facility in Nevada at home, airport or groom Lake, more commonly called area fifty one will do two more questions. Maybe this'll be a recurring contract this. The first jet number six with the score, all tied up here at two, so we are going to have this tiger to the runner. This'll be the last one. The first jet to jet aerial victory took place during this war when a US Air Force Lockheed. F Eighty Charlie shot down a MiG fifteen Yalu River. Ease. Looking at Kyle to see if he's GONNA mouth. The answer me, he's not what a dickhead. I I'm going to say what is. Lee. would. Know Not, even close. Contact him again. One. But the air force didn't exist that now. Oh My. God Two Zero airports yet all. Right. What is? Alex what is the Vietnam War? That is incorrect as well the correct answer, the Korean War law before. topgun populist aerial dogfight mainstream Americans Russell J Brown chasing shot down a Soviet made nick during a routine combat, but The American press the news spread like Wildfire Christening a new American celebrity icon. The Intrepid Doug fighter all right. Let's last question here. The first women to fly US military aircraft mid UP WASP. The Women Airforce Service these. This is a two hundred dollars, or what are you asking here? The first women to fly US military aircraft made up wasp. The. What does the acronym mean? The Women Airforce Service what. Sleigh but. Kate, what is? TROLL! That is incorrect cons. I feel like this is too easy to. Out Think Myself here what is? Yeah that is correct in context it three, two two. It was a two hundred dollar. Question should have clued in that. It was going to be easy and not difficult like the troll gate it out to be and that round up this episode of Zero Block. It. I can't believe I didn't get the D Day One. I Disappointed so I will say in school for that or anything yeah right. You don't realize how much it helps seeing the words in front of you all able to read it. I have a definitely aid. Do you found articles? To make so when Chap started that Normandy question. He said something about Gold Beach. And then he got sidetracked, and was talking to you. Guys for a second so I may be L. by phone in front of the attacked in gold, beach. Integrity Violation from K.. Mode. Time Smarty Pants. You know it was for greater good. You know. Disappointing level of integrity. On the PODCAST. Cheating innocent where cheating and then coming out and letting everyone know that you. Won't say both because it made the first part audio worth it. Let's move on his table house alibis. Start with you? What do you got nifty little thing from the New York harbor here in the city where cons I roam? John F. Kennedy. World War Two and he was on this little P. T., fifty nine navy patrol boat, and he he commanded this little boat while we're ends comes back to New York. That boat.

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