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That that just doesn't act like and maybe it's because we have dual temperature issues really hot the summer really cold winter I'm not sure or it's wet venture with that the reasoning or maybe just cheap and they and think about it that's always been the case when it comes to just the roadways once the go to some of the textures are texting in which a great west month to Bartlett which is not the worst rethink Westmont the Bartlett that would be a okay and I'm not sure what the route would be but doesn't seem like that's that far two hours if took some back roads though to avoid people smartness cat but it's going to add even add more time to your commute I loves to sixty says I love when you were calling out to school closings on the morning show the best part about this text the rest of the crew didn't seem to enjoy it though I would get upset because that's that's such a WGN thing yeah such that I grew up on everyone in this area grew up on the idea that you get to school closings of from your radio announcer let's go to district twelve twenty two you know and you'd read district fifty six closed at this thirty two can be listening for you know forty seven or whatever forty seven closure yeah maybe stick around for the farm report you know maybe stick around for a little Warren dual threat to eat I think maybe she's still still do it yeah say like Evans open right now it is their hand Monday peer school in Andersonville closed but don't say anything that it's already close it's going to close all the schools are closed Monday there's a few of my car I don't know if the emergency closing sites actually does holiday closings because its emergency closing was looking at the the information at the airports the average delay at all here is twenty eight minutes and midway it's seventeen minutes the total cancellations right now and here is six hundred forty one cancellations already and at midway its one hundred and sixty seven so how do you call your airline yeah and you heard or grown who is just in the newscast pick up their keys on a flight going somewhere somewhere nice probably and they got on the tarmac they one of those deals where they got out of they delayed at the gate they got on the plane got on the tarmac delayed on the tarmac got handed cookies and water for their weight before they took off I'm assuming they took off unless maybe arch got an update coming up here in the eight o'clock news but I'm not sure well yeah if you go to the emergency closing center site there's a site for anything it's amazing emergency closing center dot com which is blasphemy and should only be available to me to be able to tell you but I guess you can just go to it now it's a technology the only one actually talked about it after school activities are canceled at district you forty six in Elgin but by this point seven thirty eight if you probably know that and I'm breaking any news to the kid who was going to the chess club like others no facility us right now it's seven thirty is waiting for WGN radio tell no chess club forget is a great text come in and I love the school closing valid I in the morning I would try to weasel my way in to when Steve did want to talk about it and be like can I just say one thing about Lamont because it's such a great Chicago radio thing seven oh it's a shout out to all delivery drivers out there yeah and that's not just the the traditional delivery drivers that we've known and loved for years driving trucks and driving and even pizza delivery guys now it's read since GrubHub it's caviar it's all of the square everything that you know are in hi supply tonight yeah and that's another thing that's as another text or text and saying you do you trust to were drivers right your drivers in this mess I don't know I I mean it's a it's a hard it's hard to think about because you know I mean do you typically do not typically temperature driver I don't how it comes up and you have a I have a choice yeah I do on the on the app but I'm just happy to see you do on the app I do it on the app now it's just a good job and that's it frame on the tip well tonight if you are taking a ride sharing obvious is going to surge pricing but if you're taking a ride Cher for your or you're using a service like GrubHub caviar any of the eat down delivery services think about all those people have to go all over to get your empanadas an act table nextra tonight would be a tip Baxter tonight might be to dip into the Christmas money for that five dollar challenge that's if you got the cannon anything your kitchen sink as a one of our great callers told us to do last time use that five dollars and put it on top of the tip for any food that you're delivering to check these out I still have my two five dollars I don't have it can yet still working on the campaign my five dollars in my pocket is in the eating the purpose by keeping your pocket though right the idea that multiply yeah yeah put in the can and forget about it but right now you can be walking past there's gonna be a a bag of chips with your name on a be like I got this five yeah forgot about seven await his weight no chess club exactly so coming up we're gonna talk I we're gonna move will move Max and talk about state three little bit later in the program we get to that will do the movie stuff coming up eight o'clock but Justin coffin with you here in seven twenty WGN obviously trying to keep company and keep up to date on what's happening with the snow storm here in the Chicago area downtown Chicago getting less of barrage of of snow it's it's kind of a a the less of the of the area but people are still in commute they're still driving out to different areas of you know whether you're on the Eisenhower and Kennedy possibly all the way out you know rock in the Reagan whatever you're doing right now I have a feeling it's you're stuck in traffic and and being cautious in doing so and we hope that you get home safe Jo Jo I G. driver so tonight's a big night for you do you feel safe going I mean is a tough in this weather to do your job yeah I swear last year slows things down you make less deliveries you hopefully get bigger catch healthy people feel sorry for you give your and I mean I know I drive in the snow but not everyone does she worry about other people getting you at but you mentioned are writing writing down a chip on on the bill we prefer the cash kept yeah we talked about it like rank I would not know about and I have a question for you because and when your delight when you're doing delivery and that's your job in Friday night's a big night is it a bigger night because people are deciding they're going to order food or does the snow keep them away from ordering food all of the orders are increased dramatically but yeah yeah but given number that we can deliver one night those down so do you do automatic do you telling him as two and a half hours or something you're not gonna get your food try somewhere else or do you just get to your way I don't answer the phone I get I assume they do at some point is that it gets so backed up but we end up taking a few less clever use individually many hours allowed him and my last question my last question for you is just our people generous on nights like this today do you feel like you yeah generally yes all right thanks we if we if we walked through the five were or seven yeah the gal well good luck tonight ma'am I take care have a great weekend there you go let's go to Matthew Matthew drive for uber Matthews tonight tonight a tough night for you no actually I'm sitting at home and I'm waiting for it to end all you're gonna go out afterwards yeah I'm gonna go out afterwards just no clothes iron out right now it's too much traffic so they're not even out makes no sense even really it's not possible right now what they are charging in what they are asking for the drivers themselves I'm a full time driver it's been doing it for over one year I have over thirty five hundred ride and this is the lowest and the amber Oisin gearing up big storm like this ruling well you see I was with you mean you mean a lowest amount of drop riders you know the lowest amount of la cage pay out from themselves are really so they're they're they're changing their formulas and stuff well they want to make our state Tuesday shareholders they need to show profit to them well I mean yeah I don't put your temperature life on the line to go out and drive in a storm like this with the on plowed roads for less money all right correct yeah exactly you can beat it used to be great but yeah H. dying down into it to dying Greek today yeah well thank you buddy and I would say that that's probably due to a lot of the taxes in the area and the three dollar surcharges which we talked about on this program but yet becomes more more difficult to make a living driving incision cargo and especially on a night like tonight all right three one two nine eight one seventy two what it would take a break you will come back and yeah what more you stories this great I'll I will talk to delivery drivers and Roger driving a cab drivers all night these are the these are the subtleties of the people who this is their job there on the roads they know if it's bad they know.

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