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We got Sinophile hats for you in the past Danson three of these quizzes, much like Goldilocks and the three bears. One was too hard. We'll miss too simple right in the middle. So this time I request when fairly easy because I wanna see people get these hats and star pump them out there. So Sinophile hats. We'll give them the I ten I five ten. I ten correct responses. He got a tweet us Sinophile ESPN C. I N E P H eilly ESPN, Dan, Donald the quiz. What have we got? Okay. It's a five question quiz. And for many of you that don't know. I watch jeopardy may mostly every night, you're becoming seven thirty get ready for bed. Wake up super. I mean, most viewed show certainly over the years, we'll be we'll be your favorite show. But I mean, it's hard to judge like a game show and a drama or comedy. I love Seinfeld that kind of stuff, but so jeopardy mostly every night. Okay. Seven o'clock. So I wrote these as if they were jeopardy. Question. One this famous actor writer, producer director and citizen was likely misquoted as saying the love me when I'm dead. Nice question too. This commenter roasted Rick with a midday rebuke calling him a bag of hot air. Hey, if you're an avid listeners to file this was a memorable moment of two thousand eighteen question three Steve Levy recently gave his stamp of approval on doing upwards of twenty five takes because of the residual checks including the most recent one he got for this amount. Great. Great question. Question four, Ben Lyons met his future wife on the French Riviera thanks to a film about Russians made by this genius director love it genius directory when okay, very good good. Guess we had. Yep. And finally Adnan's one. Critique of a recent film was not that it was flat. It's that the spotlight wasn't on this actor enough. Dedicated fans of Sinophile will know who that actor is very good. That's a quiz. I ten responses. You get a free Sinophile had put it on the Graham, put it on your Twitter. Let's get it done and committed to Michael Stein. Who won the Nick Nolte book? That's right. This is my autograph. It's not by Nick, it's autographed by me. It's an autobiography of Nick Nolte, and he wanted the question was nNcholas his voice sounds like what according to Jack for Toronto Star. Film create the answer is like a talking ashtray several people tweeted and other stuff if you look at other of us said this about Nolte, but talking Asha was correct. So the finished Sinophile and the quiz, and we're gonna shut out west. I don't know if it's brilliance Everts or efforts. But he's a superfan of signify tweets this show all the time. He tweets me all the time. Susan emory's. Here's fantasies tweets all the time. So thanks as always for supporting us passport your noticeably. Silence. This time, I think that the I have gone to you didn't you didn't do it. In defense of your your your sensitive after people are criticizing, you know, we had a full slate today you had seven reviews we have led we had Barry Jenkins. Come. On through. You know, Dan's got this awesome three movie. Every man like, hey, man. I'm cool. Go and silently into the good night that is twenty eighteen supporting actor knowing when to step aside. So the next podcast will be next week at some point. We'll be reviewing such films as Mary Poppins returns definitely gonna see Roma..

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