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All as you begin to talk about you to individually begin to realize you know what jim i'm best at this saving i'm best of this and we're gonna play those roles because now things are beginning to explode yeah it's a great question i say it's not good at much trouble that made it easy i get out yeah i think it's probably pretty common for most people to want to do everything in our instance you gotta keep in mind we didn't go to business school i went to school for rama a jim we went to school for concussions we didn't we didn't we didn't go to school thinking we were gonna open small businesses things like you mentioned like staffing or how to manage staff or payroll or insurance or pnl's financials and scaling these are words that i'd never personally ever really understood or heard of in some instances i've it speak for jimmy as well we had never done that the only reason we started doing financials was because steve's dad was like hey guys unity get a handle on this so when it came to staffing when it came to just doing the basics we jumped in we didn't we made mistakes we learned every aspect of our business we micromanaged we over thought we didn't sleep at some point what you mentioned decided that hey we need to divide and conquer because what we were doing wasn't affective use of our time we were both doing everything which wasn't a good user time but for a while you don't know anything so you have to be the expert of your own business and that required us to not sleep in learn every aspect i was out here for the grand opening still living in boston work my job in this always resonates my mind is at sabin added type of guys were friendly were sociable outgoing but when we started truck we wanted people in line to be talking to us learning about where it comes from a main where we're from educated on the product noone everything.

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