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Media's made it really hard. Finally. You're going to bang on staff. Forty-seven eight eight steps unbelievable. Wasn't enough. And you notice calling going into that game he had to get somebody else along with him that we've seen these big games. Bye. Bye, guys. Normally you don't win. Normally that's not the winning formula, and maybe felt compelled early on to try to keep them in the game. But if he couldn't get somebody else as his fall. Nobody else could hit a jumper. No. I get it. I just thought I thought it was empty to me. It just didn't it wasn't a if you win that game. You telling me, you're, you're a different kind of player that you don't have clay. You don't have. K D. We'll must win game. What if I took off, you joy Goulet in to him, sitting here yelling and a studio. Don't you have to have some help? No, I understand. Yes. To have some help. But I think sometimes we make a big deal about stats in numbers. I and to me, they don't always add auto. I took me sports has a short menu. Wins and losses those two things that matter. And you know what Steph lost, and you're blaming him. Yeah, 'cause you know what had they won. He would have gotten all the credit is that not fair win. If they would've won we would be ranting and raving about how great Steph as look at what he did. Oh my God. He's one of the greatest players we've ever seen. And when he loses people go, well you spec, same thing. I always to say with the fat five at Michigan. You don't expect him to win the freshman sophomore. No wait. A minute had they go into the championship and won the game count. It wouldn't. You say it's the greatest win by five freshmen ever. And then you when they get there you say, well, you can't blame them. They're only freshmen, they will. They got to the championship. Why can't they win? If you have a very harsh view of life, rob Parker, my friend, odd couple with Chris Broussard, Fox Sports radio. Good. See anybody always joy with the news. This is the heard line news. So the NBA and Adam silver announced yesterday that minority owner Mark Stevens has been banned for a year and fined five hundred thousand dollars for shoving Powell Lowery. And allegedly telling saying go bleep yourself to him and Lowry gave his reaction to punishments and some perspective. The guy said to you to go Blake yourself. Is that accurate? Yeah. Multiple times a guy like that show his true class, and he shouldn't be a part of our league understand that the moment. My team needed me understand that they're, they're plenty of fans and kids and in the world watching this game and me being a grown man. Having kids myself, I'm gonna grow man. You know. And I you know, my kids have could always go back and see that. Oh myself to a high standard. And I've got to make sure that I uphold that. You know what I think this situation really lacked for me was the main thing that stood out. It was just a complete lack of dignity. You know what I mean just watching the owner watching that guy who we thought which was a fan shove Carr Lowrey? And then when you find out that it's really a part, owner of the team, it's like. If you ask yourself this. Hey guys, there's video of the internet yesterday about a hockey fight in Boston could all you guys stop? Being idiots at sporting events women don't get into these messes like does every guy have to have a couple of years and being hideous, like FBI Deitz diets..

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