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Then we get to pile in right now. Jack Clark was Jack Clark was 19. Will Clark went straight from the draft to the batter's box against Nolan Ryan. Willie Mays stayed in Minnesota for like a day, Willie McCovey got on a plane from Phoenix as fast as he could. To hit hit balls off a Robin Roberts. Bring me Joey Barton. Larry, bring up for you. Yeah, you know, Well, look, I mean, here we have this this again oddity of season where there is no minor leagues, but we have a Ah, you know, uh, taxi squad up in Sacramento. And so look, Joey Barton is not that far away physically or figuratively. So and you have it. It's one of these deals where you just have to go through. We're going to go through the season. I can't predict and it's going really far on and sky they're goingto have to cap we're gonna have to sort of, you know, figure out when is the time And is it possible it won't be this year It's possible. Is it possible it will be this year. I think you know very, very much So, so, you know, it's but starting out. I think it's just It's just there's enough craziness right now. And I think everybody feels like the best way to do it to get into a rhythm with the team. Get the rhythm in Sacramento and then you know, and then you know we have all options open, so I know there'll be a course out. There were Prepared for it. We're okay with it and But don't assume that it is that we're going to go. You know, 30 games. They're 60 games. Whatever you know, with without without joy, Bart. Remember three weeks ago, Murph, you were put me on the on the firing line about Yasiel Puig. Very good. Very good there, Larry. He's still out there, Right? I think the Braves there. I don't even know the status after he testified before the brave scientifically it was you. Would you have him going up? You know, that was the night. 9% of right Oh, my God. All right, Fair enough. Hey, serious stuff. Now, in all the time you've owned the team, you've never had a manager come out and take a knee during the national anthem, and that's a big deal. Now you hired Farhaan after intense process and I know you guys and then you gave him the keys. And you said, Hey, it's your It's your car, drive it And he said, Okay, This is my manager, Gabe Kapler. And it caused a lot of reaction back in November. You know, very mixed reaction and And now I think games I think everybody would agree. Is that pretty are well in the last few months in terms of his KNBR interviews, his junior giants videos his, uh, listen AC and hire his positive attitude during camp. I mean, people have been generally impressed by the way he's going about things. And then he comes out and does this and Larry for you. You know, your ownership group is if it is a very it's an older I mean, when I say that group I mean, Major league baseball owners as a whole when you guys all get together in a room. It's an older group. It's a It's a more conservative group. Even some of your owners Have been on record donating to right wing causes, which is fine. That's their that's their right. It's free country support who you want to support its all long winded way of saying, What was your reaction to gave doing this in the Giants uniform and your fellow owners reaction? Where are we with this? Well, let's go back together. The starting point, which is where you started the question, which is, you know the relationship, and I think we've talked about this before, as well. I mean the relationship between the general manager and the eye The manager or the coach and football and basketball is sort of is a the sacrosanct relationship. That's gotta work and its most important, So you know if it whether it's you know Bob Myers, Steve Kerr, whether it was You know? Ah, you'd look at all sorts of eoe the current policy Bill Walsh. You know, whatever, however, you want to frame it. It's that's critical relationship. So we we brought far on on. He had to find the manager they felt was going to be right for the time's right for us in terms of development in what our goals were etcetera and have worked with Tap in Los Angeles for five years. I knew him well, and there's a comfort there. So so that you know, that was a critical thing. I mean, we all interview gay, but it was really far Hans calling. You had to make it for arms call because That's his area, and that's you know, that's what's accountable for so so you start with that and then you know everybody's got their refuse in life, and I can't say yeah, I may not be match 100% of Of any group, But we're in spite. We're in different times now. And it's you know, the right to express your opinion is is. Ah, ah, fundamental value of this country. So I've you know, I've noticed. You know, Steve Kerr has made a lot of statements that people respect out in the community. And so we're You know, Gabe is a no integral part of the Giants and Gabe is a different it is no use it. It's his responsibility to make the comments was part of his platform. And you guys, just e. You're supportive, and he could do whatever he wants. And you're not gonna lean on him to go to maybe cool out on that. I'm not Leon. And I mean, look, we've got it. We're got a lot of different things happening. I mean, do you realize if this seems like 1000 years ago, But, you know, Bruce Poggi managed the last Giants game. Take it easy. Game means that that doesn't seem like it was just a few months ago, does it? Andi? So you know, so this is so. So we have a different approach and And you know, and by the way that connective tissue between Brian Sabean and Bruce Pokey was very special and led to a live success. So I think Giants fans. You know, however, you look at the the action. Giants fans have got to see that. You know, this is a person has his own fingerprint and you know, and he certainly is really focused on if you want to stand and Uh, you know, with your hand over your heart and salute salute, That's fine. If you want to stand, you know, Ah or Neil That's you know, Gabe has made it very clear Asyut understand in the clubhouse that while he said he was going to do, he was open for any anybody to do what they wanted. Well, we're talking to Larry Bear on the Yuma Guest line. It's opening day slash opening night. It's July 23rd. Everything's different. 30 man rosters 60 game seasons. I mean, it's It's upside down. I don't even think I think you said during the play ball luncheon, by the way, thanks for your help in that Azad junior jazz board member and coat There had to be the co chair starting in September with my friend Kelly. We appreciate that, But I have to say, you know, in this period a day. I think it makes you know it's appropriate to take time. Take a minute to talk about where we are getting to opening day to everything and the play ball. Lunch is a good example. We did a to a lunch that raised money for junior giants. 1000 people all on zoom..

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