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Had the blackout hood the black treatment on the hood with the three forty wedge decal on it and I thought Oh my God. That's cool so I ran over there to look at it and it was the only Brown car that I've ever seen and at very first side I was like all all that is perfect for that car. That color is perfect and I went over there and it had one of those Hang Tags in the In the windshield hanging off the rear view mirror and it said three thousand dollars and I looked at the car and you know thinking back if I remember right it was pretty clean for what it was and for three grand back then I remember my dad kind of thinking that that was a little bit too high of a price and maybe it was but the car Dr. If I remember this right has split bench a column shift automatic and like I said the blackout hood with the three forty wedge. DECAL on it even in its dark brown color. I thought this car was bad ass. I thought about how different my early years of driving would have been had. My Dad bought me that car sometimes terms and you know how fun it would have been spent a couple years working on that car with him before I was old enough to drive. But that's not how the cards played laid out and I never got that car and I actually just recently a dealership in Texas had the exact car maybe not the exact car but the car that they had was splitting image of the one that I saw in Seattle that day and if I could have afforded that car I would have bought it just just because I missed out on that opportunity as a kid and I hate missed opportunities to other cars that would have changed my history. You were a complete project. Nineteen sixty eight Barracuda and a running driving Formula S.. Three Forty Barracuda. That if I remember right was also a sixty eight neither of those panned out for me either so I would have to wait over a decade to realize my childhood dreams but I like to think that everything happens for a reason even if it sucks. I ended up waiting quite a long time to get my classic Mo- parts but I have them now. Oh and I am happy. Let's go back to my younger years for a minute like most car enthusiasts. I learned all of my favorite words watching and quote unquote quote helping. My Dad worked on his vehicles. When I was young I learned every four letter word in the Book and watching my dad work on cars and quote unquote Helping him was a very fond childhood. Memory right up there with going to look at cars with my dad. My Dad and I have the strongest bond in the fact that we both love cars every time we get together the subject always turns to cars and I don't think that has ever changed changed. My Dad was never obsessed with Moe Pars like I ended up becoming. He was just a car guy who just so happened to own a few Mo- parts along the away. He loves MOPEDS. Don't get me wrong but with me. The exception is that I tend to fixate in obsess over things and the first MO- apar- muscle car that I saw that really changed. My world was at that. Same dealership the seventy duster was at now. I don't remember how long long before I saw that. I saw this car but this dealership was one that my dad and I would frequent all the time just to see what they had on the lot. We would go there and just walk around and look at the cars but one time we were there. I remember it was a little bit dark outside. And all the streetlights were shining down on the front line and the car was a nineteen seventy plymouth. KHUDA painted F J Five Limelight Green. And I I don't know if it was a real a are or clone but I'll never forget it. The lights were shining down on it and the green just stuck out like a sore thumb mm-hmm and I was immediately. You know like like a duck to water. I was over there looking at the car and it was the first time mm that I ever stuck my head inside an old Mo par muscle car and took a whiff and that changed my sense of smell forever. Because I'm a freak in the fact that I absolutely love the smell of old mo par muscle car. It seems like they all have the same smell. Maybe it's just me okay but I absolutely love it and I wish that you could buy little tree airfresheners that the Senate was old mo par. I'd buy them by the box ox. That's what a freak I am but I'll never forget that car I remember. The price was like ten nine five or something like that and I remember. We're just looking at my dad going. This is it. That was another one of the cars where I was like. This is it dad. Let's get this one and again leaving. I'm disappointed so for some reason. My Dad I wish we would a test drove it. I don't know what my dad was thinking I would have said. Hey let's get the keys this thing and tell you I spent you know but never got to that point and that car is the one that made me understand. Because it was the coolest looking Mo- apart I had ever seen in person it just I don't know if it was the color or the car but there's something about a Green Barracuda that still to to this day. Every time I see F J five Barracuda. I remember that car and I remember the Dow was the car that sparked my i. I absolutely love. Promo- PARM also cards. Because up until that point I was only exposed to you know my dad's van and the Daytona and the Lebaron and the Sundance. I had never been that close to a high impact colored mope our muscle car and it was so cool but like I said I opened the door stuck my head in there and for some reason I just took. Oh big whiff and my senses came alive and I'll never forget that car and I will never forget that smell. Mike Dart has that smell. It's crazy Every once in awhile I will go over to my daughter and I will take a big whiff of it. I'm just kidding. I don't do that but it does have the same smell and I think that's funny but like like I said I tend to fixate on things and that Khuda definitely cemented my love for mopeds muscle cars. It changed the way that I look at cars. And as time went on the MO- pars climbed in price they got less obtainable. And you now. I knew that it would be a long time Right there for a while went. Once I saw the prices of muscle cars and anymo- par that was classic for that matter. I saw the prices just climbing and they were just getting further and further out of reach for me and then you know life happened. I went out and I met my wife life or my future wife and we are living in an apartment and I just had no place to work on a moped muscle car so my dreams were halted for just a little bit and fast forward to four years ago in Twenty fifteen. I had always wanted to mow par but I was just never in a position to get one and I finally got one in. That was The story of my Dart if you haven't heard that story yet go back to episode number four. And that's the story of how how I obtained my first classic Mo Par Two Thousand Fifteen was. When I decided to let my freak flag fly and profess my love of Mo- parts is to the world by starting a facebook page called the mot part hunter it was largely sparked by a somewhat famous nineteen sixty-nine Charger Daytona? That sat parked worked in a driveway. By the Alderwood Mall I was familiar with the car for many years as a kid at least my entire high school career and probably a little bit longer and I would go. I would check up on that car every once in a while and you know a few times a year and I decided to start taking pictures and sharing airing all the cool stuff that I would run across just because I you know I saw facebook pages and I gotta be honest. Not Very many of my friends you guys. I have a lot of mope our friends now because of the moped hunter page but before the Mo par hunter a a lot of my friends. Are Ford guys. A couple of Chevy guys Summer import guys and nobody was as enthusiastic easy. Ask about Mo- pars as myself. I have shown them how obsessed I am and now anytime they come across a Mo- par on the street or somebody's yard or something like they always. I'm the first person that they get to. And they are excited to tell me about him so I think that's really cool that I built this brand that I'm the Mo par guy I out of all my friends out of all the friends from my childhood that I'm the Mo par guy so I think that's funny and you know it's not a bad thing I don't mind it even people at work or starting to go cut he's nuts in he's the Mo par guy you know so that's cool. I don't mind that at all. I am the MO par guy. I am the MO par. We're hunting okay. Let's not forget that I started the Mo par hundred page with the motor stuff. I came across online or in real life and I would use is it is a way to document my I mo project and things got out of hand in a couple of thousand post later here we are talking on a podcast. How crazy is that? I finally have a couple of classic Mo- Pars and my love and enthusiasm for them is stronger than ever. This is why I love listener stories and why I chose to create this podcast because everyone has a different story to tell and they are all cool in their own right. If any of you who have sent in stories are like me. You probably really struggled a little bit with not writing an entire book about it. I could go on and on about why love Mo par so much and keep telling stories but my story is just one of many that shapes the culture as moped enthusiasts we all share the common bond. Kind of our love of Mo- pars and I can't wait to hear your story so as long as you keep sending them in. I'll keep sharing them. That's my story folks and.

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