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The party's candidate for the vice presidency. In the continuing political crisis in Belarus will speak to a key ally of the opposition media and also find out why the European Union has rejected the result ofthe recent elections, also the mighty by in Munich through to the final of the Champions League. Just how unstoppable are the stories coming out past reports news and his Children around the world get ready for a return to school during a time of pandemic will find out why some parents choosing not to send their home schooled Children back to any institutional that more after the latest world News Hello. I'm Neil Nunes with the BBC News. The former U. S. President Barack Obama has warned that the very future ofthe American democracy is at stake in November's pone as Donald Trump seeks reelection. Speaking on the third night of the US Democratic Party's national convention, Mr Obama said Mr Trump had treated the office like a reality show. The evening also so common A. Harris the only black woman in the U. S. Senate, formally nominated as Joe Biden's running mate are North America correspondent Nick Bryant has this report. Never in the modern era, has a former president mounted such an excoriating attack on his successor. Speaking from Philadelphia, the cradle of the U. S Constitution, Barack Obama claimed Donald Trump posed a threat to American democracy. His administration had shown it would tear our democracy down, he said. If that's what it takes to win this, Barack Obama was in mid flow. Donald Trump delivered his real time rebuttal he spied on my campaign, the president claimed in capital letters on Twitter got court. Then came a milestone moments with Kamala Harris becoming the first woman of color to accept the vice presidential nomination. In this summer of racial reckoning. She spoke of the continuing injustices and healthcare in the criminal justice system. A prominent critic of the Russian government. Alexei Navalny, is in hospital due to suspected toxic poisoning. A senior doctor at the hospital said Mr Navalny was in a serious condition. BBC's vitality. Shevchenko has the details. Extended family was on a flight coming in from Tomsk, a city in Russia back to Moscow. When he collapsed on the plane made an emergency landing in another city called almost square. It was Taken to intensive care. The latest that we have from his spokeswoman is that he's still unconscious, and he's been put on a ventilator. The press secretary, Kerry armed suspects that he may have been poisoned with something that's been mixed into his tea. The leaders of Tuesday's coup in Mali have had talks with opposition leaders who welcomed the ousting of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. There's been strong international condemnation off the military takeover. David Bamford reports. The opposition coalition in Mali said it had noted thie commitment by the soldiers to move towards a civilian transitional government and was ready to work with them on a political roadmap. Amass patriotic rally has been called for Friday. An army colonel. A seamy gotta has emerged as the new military leader. He has heard civil servants to return to work. Yuen Security Council has condemned the coup on West African leaders have announced a blockade on more hold a videoconference on Thursday to discuss further actions. World news from the BBC The US secretary of State might bump you has said the U. S. Is notifying the U. N. Security Council that America intends to restore nearly all U. N sanctions on Iran. Mr Pompeo is expected to travel to the U. N in New York on Thursday to initiate the process. The move is expected to escalate the current diplomatic spat between the U. S and its European on eyes. United States has promised Britain that it won't pursue the death penalty against two British members off the Islamic state group who are accused of beheading Americans in Iraq. Of the U. S. Has warned Britain that it must sort out remaining legal hurdles by October. Otherwise it'll transfer the two men to the Iraqi government for trial. British long term studies suggest that a single targeted dose of radiotherapy could be as effective treating breast cancer as the conventional treatment, which involves multiple doses over several weeks. Radiotherapy is delivered during surgery, using a small device placed inside the breast immediately after the tumor is removed, researchers said 80% of women benefited from the single dose of radiotherapy with fewer side effects. Professor Giant of idea led the research at University College London. It completely changes the management in a large proportion of patients with breast cancer. Those were having a lumpectomy with the usual type of breast cancer are suitable for this and post adopters around the world have already started using it based on our previous results. And there are about 45,000 patients already had this treatment. The ex lover off. The former king of Spain has denied that a gift off 65 million euros he gave her was in attempts to launder money. The redesigned Wittgenstein is being investigated by prosecutors in Switzerland. In connection with the payment she received in 2012. The finances of King Juan Carlos are being investigated in a major corruption probe. BBC news. Hello. Welcome to Tuesday on the BBC World Service with while I'm also Alan today will be in a virtual Mila Milwaukee As we return to the Democratic National Convention, which has taken based on line we'll hear what the common House Had to say, actually accepted the nomination for the vice presidential candidate..

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