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1199 for bound. Member price this is WTO news. It's 7 53 now, more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year, and we have some tips to help keep your pets safe. Before the festivities began take your dog for a long walk, this will allow them to potty before the noise and it tires them out. If you're leaving your dog at home, make sure all the windows are securely closed and turn on some music to drown out the noise, also give them something to play with to keep them distracted, and if your dog is coming out with you, make sure it's wearing an ID collar with your current contact information on it. Acacia James WTO P news. Herschel woody Williams, the last remaining Medal of Honor recipient from World War II, will lie in state at the U.S. capitol. Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia announced the honor at a memorial yesterday where Williams was remembered for his courage, humility, and selflessness. Williams, who died Wednesday at the age of 98, was a legend in his native West Virginia for his heroics under fire over several crucial hours at the Battle of Iwo Jima. As a young marine Corporal Williams went ahead of his unit in February 1945 and eliminated a series of Japanese machine gun positions. A young designer was making a fashion statement with her new HBCU clothing line. Ashley Jones is the owner of tones of melanin. She started the brand in 2017 and decided to focus on HBCU streetwear clothing. I went to school at northern state university. And you know, when I went in my bookstore, I didn't see anything that really represented my population. Her line is now in duke's sporting goods at HBCU bookstores. All have been like really fast. We have reversible shorts. We have, of course, at your sweatshirt t-shirts. We're getting into vegan leather bags. Ashley says supporting HBCUs is her main message while creating a sense of pride. The education is top notch and you're prepared for the world. Melissa, how will WTO news? Money news at 25 and 55, Google will now automatically purge location information about users who visit abortion clinics and other places that could trigger

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