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Directly to cryptocurrency direct deposit. Form usually have like three checking accounts you can put down say and separate how much you want go into eastern like three percent going to this account or whatever and every time you get paid it would just automatically go to wage and they would use that to buy crypto for you and then automatically goes into your like your bitcoin wallet yeah and it's a free liam model. I don't know about that. But like a free level and the premium level headed free level. You can choose between up to two crypt zoellick's and it's like i've won for be he h. Point cash okay. I was kinda reluctant at first. I was like oh. My god. I get scanned hurt company before other than but I'm i'm really impressed by. And i don't think i think the base level just had it sent to Mike bitcoin or bitcoin cash. And i think the exchange rate just like pretty damn close to the market level. Okay so they're not making a whole bunch of money on like an inflated exchange rate or something like that standby dumped dry. I'm curious to hear more I know you had more that you wanna talk about. When it comes to crypto. The number here is six three two eight three sixty one sixty plus if you wanna weigh in on alec baldwin and just for just for the hell of it. I did pull up some of the gun safety rules. Since i think more people should know these things Let's talk about those also when we get the chance of your calls are welcome. You can bring up whatever you want here on. free talk. Live six.

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