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Giants Arezzo tonight taking on the Diamondbacks after getting that win on Wednesday. Behind Sean Anderson. They had a day off Mike stone in Arizona and the guest like a modem Mike. How are ya? Doing well. How's it that this schedule does not allow for the giants to played the D-Backs till now halfway into me, and we're done with the reg the weirdest thing ever? Mike, you ve into Toronto and back to. Toronto to we haven't played one team at our division, so I'm looking forward to tonight. Always chance to see Bob really catch up at this, this type of ex team is intriguing. I got rid of Goldschmidt, there was it was like ceelo. They're starting to rebuild but they got pretty good club. Yeah. The twenty four and twenty actually in second place right now. So, yeah, we'll we'll, we'll check out see what the giants have to do down there. But a little reflection before we get into tonight. And that is shown Anderson. You know, I don't know if anybody's expecting this guy, you know, you set the world on fire, but he he got called up. He had his moment, his family, flew in from Florida. As always fun to have a debut. And I just wonder what you saw from this kid and the fact that boat, she said after the game get ready for more he's going to get another start. If not a few more starts, and all your thoughts, Mike. Well, first of all, that's exactly how we felt about it when we saw this kid pitches, we see him again. And I mean he's got some weapons. I, I like the this'll cutter, Scott. He's got a nice big breaking ball. He has respective Lhasa. They hit ninety five ninety six two strikeouts. So he's got some fastball that, you know, he's proud of and he also has changed. I think what, what he did that, that were I think, is an area of improvement is I think he feels. He has to be to fine with his pitches. He has to make location pitches at are two good so early in the count. You know, he's going to corners instead of the mill the strike zone, and which is I mean you see a lot of young pitchers. Do that. The problem with that is runs a pitch count up. And that's kind of been how his career. Has gone triple he hits the hundred pitch level early. What he's going to learn is get a little more aggressive with all those types of movement show. Your opponent, you can get all those pitches over on the first pitch get a one count, and then you can start pitching corner. I really look forward to him work with BUSTER Posey. I thought that Erebus Garcia did a great job with them. And I picked him as my player of the game. But I think with an experience catcher appear, I get a little more confidence coming into the strike zone early. It's really gonna help him. He's got good stuff, and he's not afraid to come inside. And I think that's another thing that I like to see a guy who finishes when he goes on the inside corner. And I think he's got the latitude I like that. Plus, you know, you showed he could hit will bit. So I'm intrigued by this guy think he could be. Yeah. I'll not no crew was fun. You're right. He had a great night at the plate with the double and then the single later in the game. But when he hit the double, and then, the inning ended he had to get back out there on the hill, obviously. And he was having a hard time throwing strikes right after that. So can you. To speak to that. Mike just trying to harness your energy back on the mound is a pitcher after eve, smack your first big-league kit. And it's a double. Be a distraction. Geared up to pitch and you know, you're trying to hold your journal in which there's an abundance of and just about the time that gets ward off. Now, you go up there and you take it bad, and that is a complete shock and surprise to you that you hit an opposite field. Double off the wall. And it took him out of his is rhythm. It took him out of his concentration hit five home runs in my life. I was one in four in those games home runs always screwed me up because it takes away from your from your concentration that you do you have to have a pitcher sudden boom, you're concentrations, gone. Now, you're thinking, like you did when you're a little league when you at home run so off its screw up a guy, especially when you're doing it for the first time, which it was for him is first big-league. It fun stuff for him got the win. And now we turn our attention. A little actually one more on on the game. Before you go, you mentioned Garcia. They did believe setting them back down, which I think, means, BUSTER, Posey's, ready to go. I like this kid. What can we do to get airless carseat, more love more down AAA? He's not quite ready yet. And but he's he's really really close. And I say, not ready. And I think he's not ready. More at the plate is behind the play. I like where he is behind the plate. It's just a matter of him, learning staffs learning Pires and learning. Movement and learning opponents swing types that takes time. But I like the fact that he's got a real calm tire target, and he's, and he stays still so often you see young catchers come up there just move around way too much. They have a lazy target. They Cup their hand and it'll give you a full glove to look at. I mean all the, the young mistakes, but he's not making them. I mean he he's got a lot of he's got a real good foundation as a catcher. I think that as a hitter he needs more reps. I think that, you know, if you were to leave up here and say play him, you know, four or five days a week. I don't know if you could get up to twenty so you go up there and you and you tighten up your, the whole you have in your swing and it's much easier to do that at AAA because there's not as much pressure, there is there is the big league level lighted, there's pressure, but it's a different type. I think you get more rips down there. And I think it would be to advantage, but we will definitely see him again. Big leaguer like him. I like him a lack of suggest tonight against six forty first pitch. Mike, Scott, the TV. I believe with John and we got Dwayne and Dave on the radio. It's shifts Marga against this cutting Merrill, Kelly who's never started against the giants, but a little bit about Arizona. Might just do a little research. They are crushing the ball, only the dodgers have scored more runs than them. They've the number two scoring offense in the National League. They're the number three team in home runs and the number two team. And so they got a guy Edward Escobar. I know he's not famous because he played for the twins but he's having a great year. They got David Peralta. He's having a great year. Mike. They got Adam Jones, who I think a lot of giants fans wanted to get. He's having a great year. Nine twenty five ribs to seventy six eight fifty s so your thoughts on this the swing in Diamondbacks here. Well, I mean that's just it. I mean they're getting to and from down the lineup and that's gonna make any team tough. It's gonna give them an opportunity. Would you have confidence up its of confidence up and down the lineup? You have your hands full because you don't know where the big it's gonna come from, as a pitcher you like it when two or three guys hot two or three guys are not, you know, where the islands of, of calm are in that lineup you'd go to a guy who's got a one for eighteen going pretty good chance. You're going to get that guy out. But when you have six seven guys that are having a good season, the same time. That's a rough lineup. So the key for some margin tonight, because you have all those guys who are pretty confident, the batter's box is you can't beat yourself walks, you have to be able to get be aggressive. You gotta stay on top of strike was going to be very important. And you cannot walk anybody, especially this ballpark is live. Yeah. It's gonna be tough. And, and listen. The giants historically hit. Well, they're so given this offense and Mike I saw your quoting the Bruce Jenkins piece today. You're like all these guys are fifty points below this can't sustain itself. So this is the weekend. Mike. Right. Well, you know they showed it in the last road trip. I thought they had, you know, guys were having good at bats. We're starting to see Crawford come out of it, but it is weird deal. When you see all these guys below what they're averages. And normally when I was a player I liked it when some of our better players started off because I knew they were going to get their numbers. I knew that there was going to come. So I had to spend, it would come late into always did. And so now you've got you've got a lot of guys cold got their averages are. And so I just think it's coming and, you know, and the point you make it historically you've got guys here that, that love hit knows ballpark. So, you know, I think it will be offensive weekend. And I hope it starts happening because they need. To get they need to get that same feeling of confidence up and down the lineup. You can't always be the panda who bills everybody out. They've got to start doing it together. So hopefully this weekend starts. Hey, mike. The Adam Jones deal. I mean I wanted them and you know, didn't go get him. Is that one? You think he laments one that got away or is he like, no, I got I got to go with, you know, polar and I mean was the other option? Look at Jones numbers, and you're like, how do you feel? Well, a press what he's done because, you know, a new league you know, he's having to learn new stabs, but he's got a great place to hit. I would held up the you know the the series discussions without Jones. Is he didn't have a high on base percentage? And yet a lot of strikeouts. And I think that I think to start to center field as you kinda valuate on the same date. Same, what you do with point guards. You don't want a lot of thirty three thirty four year old point guard or centerfield. Right, right. And plus the giant just seen a couple of Jackson and expand. So I think all of that may have had something to do with the decision, but you know he's definitely making that, that acquisition for the debates look good. But again, you know he's played in a pretty pretty live yard to hit. He is thirty three years old, that there was definitely reasons to kind of stay away there for sure. I don't have to say about this hunter pen style. See homerun number eight last night. I mean Mike I think there was. I don't think there's a giants fan alive unless you were super. A mental who wanted him back. I mean, I think it had run its course he looked like he was on his last legs. And they needed to go to give guys like MAC Williamson, Stephen, dug a chance and look at hunter. I mean I know he touched on it earlier, but he's still doing it and he homered again last night. So what are you truly think when you see him, you know, going yard and succeeding in Texas? Well, it puts a smile face. We all feel about outer pits, same way. And this is the ballpark that he was raised going to a kid. So I mean he was really go there. And, and make it make the team number one and then make a contribution. And and you know have a year he's doing it. You know, they're using them, right? They're not running out there five six days a week. And and, and he's responded hit home runs. I mean, I don't know what his on base percentage is. I don't care the fact that you swing the bat and taking gets a big. It's form. Good for him to me. It's one of the first box scores. I check every day outside the giants. That's what's what, what pins to last night, the days that he does play upset about it. Yeah. For pets for Pence army out there. They're loving this, too. And then finally ending Tamara tonight. I'd like to say can we get them past the fourth? He's pitching pretty well. Look at him in the dugout where he's like, really taking me out right now. Or do they just believe he's a foreign guy? No, I don't think they believe he's a four four guy. I think that, you know, the big key tonight is put us hero up in the first inning. Let's, let's at least have a couple of zeros. Can you know can relax a little big into the game? They haven't been hitting the first people have, so I think it adds the pressure of the pitcher go out there and be good there early in the game, but it just hasn't happened. I can't remember the last time that it's happened collectively to a whole starting staff where they just put their off. It's a whole early. And so that's going to be the key. Get off to a good start. And then, you know and if they get a little office to support him, then maybe you'll see them get into the six or maybe the seventh inning. He thinks he can. And that's that's really important. He's not thinking he's affording guy..

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