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And there's also a lot of actors in it that I like, and you know, so I was just kind of like, okay. This is this is kind of cute. There's also things that really really have not age. Well, or even we're kind of weird at the time. But but I'm a magic that we are going to get into this. So that is my long protracted relationship to l I thought I didn't have much of a relationship with it. But I just talked for five minutes straight. So I guess I do. I just want to give shout out to the guy who played SpongeBob on Broadway now odd right because he had an eighth and Slater. Yet lets you theater shout out. I get you to even Slater. He first of all is hot, which is always sponge from shouldn't be hot. Wow. It's crazy. Not as hot as good word. But that I have. I have a power ranking that you can approach me afterwards. If you dare. Wow. But spongebob. I mean, he like climbed up two stories set. Yeah. The third song. And then he has to still be spun. But he has muscles. It's great. I know somebody who was in SpongeBob the musical, and she also has limitless energy. So I feel like that that kind of makes sense. That's kind of what they go for love it. Yeah. It's pretty amazing. I feel really bad though. 'cause I'm just like lauding this guy. But I can't remember what his name was just kidding everybody. Go home and Google, buddy. The elf in musical in twenty eleven twenty. Yeah. Everybody do that. And then like find a much Witter and be like, Mara Wilson says, you're awesome. Don't do that. Do that. If you. Jamie. What's your history and relationship with moving? I feel like this is happened to me with a lot of recent movies where I thought I'd seen the movie, but I actually hadn't and I had just seen a lot of t shirts had heard a lot of people say you've seen that. I I think I just like through years of lying convinced myself that seen it. I had I had the same issue with nightmare before Christmas rose like, Nope. Just bend to a hot topic. I don't know what store this movie is associated with don't have quite the same Ziggurats Shana same problem. Yeah. Sure. I don't know. It's weird. 'cause I was like the perfect age to see this movie when it came out. And I don't know what. My mom's problem with will Ferrell was exactly, but what she told me 'cause I remember asking to see this movie because we we were festive you know, we would see stub family fun festive families. I was like mom. Can we go see elf? And she is like, you know, how I feel about that man. But her thing was too tall. Who's like what she just was? Like, there must have been a real reason. But she would just be like to. We're not going my mom. My mom really didn't like an American tail for some reason. I don't know why. And maybe maybe she felt that they were like clearly Jewish characters, but they were like Christian washed into it because there was like five the Christmas mouse story or something. I kinda got that feeling, but she told me she I was like I wanna see five goes west. But she really didn't like an American tail and she said, no, we can't see that. It's going to be to gory violent. I love a good mom. Yeah. Right. When you're later, you're like, oh, you just didn't wanna go. Morrison? Exactly. So I just saw it today. Great. Yeah. I thought it when it came out in the theater possibly can't remember, but within at least a year, but coming out, I didn't exactly remember how I felt about it except that the other day, you know, when like Netflix DVD's were popular, and you would like rate what you thought of the DVD that you got. I just saw the other day that I had raided elf one star out of five. So apparently, I absolutely hated when I I thought because I didn't watch it at any point until just a couple of days ago. And I don't like it. But I have really good reasons. And I can't wait to tell you them. Social I do the recap. Yeah. Famous recap rainy. So. Okay..

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