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I'm gonna lose my mind. All right. He also keeps on the question keeps on going. He says he's a leading peo- record for best goals per minute ratio on this fun stats. Does he have to play for United for into because the best striker? He's just, you know, no agenda here. Martin. I mean, y'all got Teva from us. I'll take from you. That's great. Yeah. To be fair. Both. I think has was on the city winning came. I think I'm tricky Scher. I'm not saying. I don't I know that Google someone head us up. I cannot remember. All right Lawrence laborious, who's the most underrated player in the Premier League season. Either six or bottom table also too insane to Liverpool. Maine said he dove could have over ninety five points and this year and lose the league. That is crazy. Well, as one of those whoa, whoa. Like Phil Jones is younger than neymar. Whoa. Under rated player. I think who would be underrated. I think as a Quetta on Chelsea doesn't get enough talk. I mean, this is off off-side goal. I think granted Jacques has really improved not like crazy. But I think he's been kinda underrated into Harare for man. United man city. They're also fucking good. Yeah. Right. Who would you say his underrated? None of them say Fernandina just because he doesn't have the flashing us that the rest of them have. I think a phenomenal player. And I don't think he gets the the kudos that he deserves. I think he's in Angola Konta. Yes. Players kind of a boring player. But fuck me up if they do not play much better with an NGO in the squad. Yeah. I even though like we were talking about how like when he's not in the in the game like they're completely different squad. So yes, look in wild, Liverpool wise. I think everyone they're just like fuck. Yeah. They're all also, especially Roberson and train Alexander. I I just love talking about those two youngsters or fucking awesome. I wish more people talked about the more and what they do for the game and crossing and what they do defensively. Go. I mean, they're unreal. I can't wait to watch him for years coming and I hope they stay at Liverpool. Terms of the bottom of the table. I don't feel like they quest. Treats, you nice. He's obviously his team is sitting in seventh place bun. I did not expect that old man to come over from. Spain and do so so much fucking good for the wolves. And you could fuck in listen tire wolves lineup. Dougherty geometry gno. Diogo Johta row Yamuna is all those players. I fuck with heavy heavy heavy heavy. Have you are are underrated. But then again their team just beat mind twice in the past three weeks. So I might have occurs respect for the fuck them to. Thank you. Kevin guys you all right. Glenn murray. Everyone remember glittery. Corey Andres says at corriander twenty-seven, if you had to choose would you rather see Locke's at or a bomb Yang go in the summer. Totally hypothetical. Also Kevin are excited about potentially Guinness arsenal play. Stateside in the preseason games. They are coming to Charlotte Martin. So I guess that. So I got come get wasted. With you, buddy. Let's fucking go down down committed. Okay. Who would you rather? See a feel like this is going to sound weird a balmy on caz more goals. But I feel like lock is. That has more clutch goals. Is that weird to say? So I feel like this is it this is tough, man. Why you gotta like I gotta pick one. But and I feel like this is not most arsenal fans will go the bomb young..

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