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Patient tended to by Cameron Diaz lucky man. Don't forget. I was in bed with. He's jealous enough Norman, don't rub it in. That's one of his crushes. You can't read that. Good taste. Good cakes. Thank you. But. Oh, I'm reindeers and I were in bed together. I thought. Maybe we don't have to shoot this. I loved him. But what I found interesting is to act while being bedridden essentially has got to be really tough and blind and blind booth. But I mean you're the idea is you have to project energy for your performance. When you're in a position where normally it's, it's rest. Yeah. And even lethargy. Yeah, but but no, you found that sweet spot in between, you know. What interesting that that was talk of my being nominated for an Academy Award, supporting actor, all that and never happen, but there was talk of it while they should've talked more. Thank you. Which I liked it. I thought it was good nights. Thought. I found him most. Enjoyable. Lovely. Curtis was very special guy. Yes. You're right. A film buff of the highest order who became a very gifted filmmaker. I didn't know he was a film. Oh, yes, absolutely. And then he became honorary chairman of the UCLA film and television archives. So that was a great. They were lucky to have him, and he was a great person to represent them for any of you that don't know if you look up these LA archives. They do fantastic work really, really do. Yeah, they work hard and it shows by very DEA. Dale friend, Bob get is also connected what they all. Yes, he's retired now, but boy, his work lives on all the films. He rescued all the films. He brought back to life plus the archivists the film Graham delusion. It's interesting. Awesome said that if a decree, one, fourth, all foods to be destroyed. The one film that should be preserved his grand Lucien all he wasn't wrong about that. The picture is. On believable if you watch it how he got red wa. Not on the screen. The attitudes. The not only performances, but. The way of life. The people. I mean everything about it is so remarkable and some great performances. Yeah, to be sure of Eric von Stroheim with the whisky and drawing his neck back. He. And for neighbor to my acted in the theatre. Play, call, Noah. Great, ACTA. Great actor for may. And we haven't mentioned the fact that you became very close to John Renoir during his exile here during the war. And then when he moved here permanently the Los Angeles, I love John way. Did. Very proud of the fact that he asked me to directors last picture Corolla. Have you seen? I have not embarrassed to say lizard account role, whom I, what am I foam madly allow. Not alone on that one either. I said, you're not alone on that one either. Oh, God. So beautiful in it and a wonderful person. Oh, eventually move to Europe. And as our grandmother, she moved to Europe to be without grandkids. But she was executed in Corolla as she was. I think it's so many thinks she did. But she was a great favourite of your house. Ause. And. A letter that I think for the record, I should tell you one of my favorite scenes was your own. He was making. Of a picture made he at the southern. And this leads. Zack, Scott and Betty field who was may just on Broadway. There's a scene in that. Well, they are very poor people, but two of them and they have a small patch of land. They have to rage raise vegetables on it and order to eat. And see. Little dog. A small dog gets. Oh, no. In this scene, a cow gets into this piece of land and begins to Trimble on the vegetables. This was life threatening. What did y'all. Was he has a little dog come in. Balk at the cow making the cow run out of the patch and into the river. Which story that follows them into the river. Well. That was a problem. Because they would put the cow into the scene. With all the vegetables and everything. Trample. How would we munching away. They would put it in this puppy who was to frighten the cow to walk into the river. So they put the puppy and. And should stop to shoot the pope is scared to this of the cow, and it runs out of the shot. So they catch it..

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