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A victory but it will be a bit of a pyrrhic victory because it would take away from them one of the main instruments about tackling the conservatives but with the the worrying thing for the conservatives in the short term not looking at the next election or or looking at a public opinion over the next few years which is what what that will be about a it is bill leadership of the government's i'm part of this discussion means about policy but party with of course these people positioning themselves within the conservative party as potential leaders at the other thing that might be a social embarrassment through no fault of our own to the prime minister is this supposed speculation about steps surprise visit by donald trump pressure that the united states and until his twitter to these shores after declining listening to move away the notion of a state visit to is chile's mining button if he does turn up in scotland in the next week or so with that been embarrassment for the prime minister met if you term dropped out of private citizens uh or an even as president but not on state aid that would be lessened barazenka theresa may but a lasting she wants to close association within the last thing she wants to be used to give him the special treatment on a very very nearly state visit which you say would be if you're a statement say any kind of association with one of the few people who are more popularly doing she is at the moment would be a bit like george w bush i'm tony blair uh she she's in a very difficult position already uh she's got some association with all the parties with the quite difficult to monitor.

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