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Day. Remember that's cars with K 11 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS to rob Stone within the W T o p traffic center. Thanks Sandy in Virginia on the antelope between the Dulles Toll road in the American Legion Bridge, you are jammed. The work is on the Legion bridge and does block the rights out of the roadway for traveling at this point on 66 westbound, leaving route 28 Centerville headed toward the Manassas rested. Your land is go from 4 to 3 in that stretch along the left side, causing you some headaches there, Ifyou're in Manassas Centre Street closed in both directions between Grand Avenue and Zeb Ady Street. That's probably for an event that's taking place downtown in Manassas. So please use caution there. Otherwise, sampan I 95 new. The Dale City rest areas stay alert along the left side for that particular crash with response on scene South down Route one at the Fairfax County Parkway. We had the rights on block for that, but Other crash traveling on gallows road both ways near Strawberry Lane in Porter Road, You're under police direction for the cry scene there. In Maryland. Things are clear on the Beltway as a roll through Prince George's County. We had earlier problem being reported on the outer loop to 14 Central Avenue Uncertain that's they're not. But on the adult between college Park in Silver Spring, it's near New Hampshire Avenue headed toward University Boulevard. That's where we had the right side block for that particular work zone. It's causing headaches on south on I 95 between The icy sea ended the Beltway to go for 95 west onto the outer route South down on the B W Parkway. Still, delays passing 1 97 headed inside the Beltway toward Greenbelt. After that, That's from the earlier crash, an investigation that took place overnight causing you some problems there. Otherwise route 50 looks pretty good on the eastbound side, with two way operations running on the westbound span, which means three lanes or east. In two lanes of west in a key could sound down to 10 in and head highway after Pine Lane with the left lane is blocked for the left. Lane is actually getting by for that particular crash that from Stan, who gave us an update on that particular situation, otherwise, to 70 North bound near Bucky's Town, Pike. We're getting a report of a crash, so please use caution if you're traveling there. Ring more confident to your home this fall with new windows from one donation. Get, of course, 50% off with zero down and zero payments or interest for 24 years. Visit one donation dot com. I'm Rob Stallworth, w T o p traffic and now the storm team for meteorologists. Lauren Rickets could be dealing with a few showers this morning. If you're not seeing them, you're seeing partly sunny skies. Temperatures are in the Fifties and sixties, moving right into the seventies..

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