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Spa or if we had people over or what have you adult i can make them dance i can make them any color at one that apple or the lights go both okay i think it's important the way refracted light works dean is once the lights are a colour so are the people think thanks for thanks for for the minimum doesn't light okay here's the one thing i want people understand about a lease the nice thing about ellie dis is that you can also now of they used to warn you don't plug too many strands and together you can plunk hundreds of strands of ellie dis in one line because they're not pulling very much wattage and so they really care the power carries however people need to know led christmas lights holiday lights are not lowvoltage lights is a different lowlands loans olivetti well volts yeah yeah there's a huge difference between low voltage which you could cut with a pair of scissors and not be hurt by because it's you know the equivalent of kinda touch in of a ninevolt battery to your tongue you led lights are high voltage lights their low wattage but they're highvoltage so people still need to be very careful and is caution when there if they're going to staple which i never recommend steepling the lights up because inevitably a staple is going to pierce through one yet why are there to nato and sometimes staples a because they're made of steel will rust if you leave them out and you can in that can cause a problems with the insulation in on the wire to yeah absolutely so there's no reason to do that there's plenty of plastic options he stays that are way better yeah there are gutter hooks there's that are howlader letter was my nickname in prison wasn't really ah i thought it was lowvoltage no there's a mom joke in there somewhere but i'm not taken it will come back with bore i got some tips for pumpkins in decorating the inside of your house as well dean sharp is my guest from home with dean sharp the house whisperer on kfi just sunday's this home flooding to eleven let it go neil it's not your fault dean it's not your fault let's get the.

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