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And so when it comes to this idea of the government shutdown. The Democrats are expected to unveil legislation to keep it open. They won't offer any new money for the president's wall. Do you think that's a good strategy or should Democrats offer something, well, let me let me just say something right now, here's what I think is the frustration. You think you're negotiating with Donald Trump? And that's basically a fiction you were really negotiating with Laura Ingram. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the rest of the boys and girls at Fox News. That's the problem. There is no person sitting there named Donald Trump who's going to tell you what the answer is about the wall. There is no saving face for Donald Trump. Donald Trump will be able to tell you when he wanted to go. She ate with the Democrats win. The Fox News w GOP or whatever you wanna call. It gives him permission. That's part of the problem when you had Pelosi. There isn't a negotiating person on the other side of the table. So what is she supposed to do? I think she's going to basically so to stay. The course. This isn't about a wall. This is about who's pulling Donald Trump strength and the problem for Donald Trump is he has to get permission from them. And that's something that Nancy Pelosi can't basically can't abide by Arnie Arnesen. You said you've started off talking about New Hampshire tells a little bit about the activity. What do you expect particularly this year? We heard about Elizabeth Warren. But what else are you seeing? And what do you expect to see in this year? Well, I mean, obviously, we're going to be seeing a lot of what's going on with the presidential campaigns, which unfortunately is also going to sort of have a maybe not necessarily a positive effect on what happens with state legislation because to to a large extent, the presidential political to the sucks the energy out of politics, except here's the good news. I think we're gonna see things like this. We're gonna see putting a minimum wage Bill on the table. What you need to know about New Hampshire. We don't even have a New Hampshire. Minimum wage that means that the feds ever got rid of a minimum wage, we wouldn't have them. So that means we're still at seven twenty five all the surrounding states have not only their own minimum wage. They're raising it Massachusetts just raised it starting. I believe today. So I think you're gonna see conversations about minimum wage, you're gonna see conversations for example, about legalizing marijuana all the states around us have done it where so sort of, you know, living in the dark ages a lot of these conversations. However, well, also sort of I think parallel what's happening on the presidential campaign. So to a large. If we're talking about bringing the bottom up the minimum wage conversations there the whole idea about legalizing marijuana is not just state issue. Frankly, the fans have to sort of step into this. So I think you're gonna see those kinds of things begin to happen. And I think that that's important. And let's also be honest here. Climate change is real let me repeat this everyone. Climate change is real it is costing us billions and billions of dollars. I think my state is going to begin to look at how they need to begin to operate to address climate change that is going to be a huge issue nationally. And then last, but not least I am pessimistic about the economy. The rest of the world is beginning to see I was significant softening in a recession. We're not an island. We are really part of that sort of international conversation. You saw what happened with Wall Street? I think we're due for a recession. The problem is we have an enormous deficit, which means you can't turn to the feds when there's a recession so states you're going to have to prepare for that. And they're going to have to make. The right investments and make sure that their economies can sort of hold together. I think that's another conversation that will be having as he watched. What's happening with the economy? Talking people follow your show. They can go to W and H M dot org. My show is called the attitude with Arnie Arnesen, we stream live from twelve to one every day, we podcast, and if you want to know, what's happening nationally internationally, and especially at the presidential level. We will be absolutely keeping cats and everyone from data to come to bite into my next door. Neighbor Bernie Sanders. This is Arnie artists and joining us for our conversation. One of many opinion is we'll have on during the course of the morning happy new year to you and thanks for coming on new year. Oh, it's a pleasure. Happy new year. Everyone joining us from North Carolina. Mitch Koci of the Carolina journal. He is their senior political analyst good morning to you. Welcome and happy new year. Good morning and happy new year to you. I hope it's going to be a great plenty nineteen. That is is this a sense of optimism that you feel then perennially at optimist. I'm also the sort of a realist as well to know that we're ever going to get everything that we want. But I think if you look at the where things are headed there, certainly plenty of things to talk about the DeLuca polarization right here in North Carolina. We're still still dealing with the fact that we don't know who our whole complement of members of congress because of a fight in the ninth congressional district. But despite that, I always look ahead with it with a sense of optimism at the beginning of the New Year's because at the beginning of the year. You haven't seen all the stuff that would make you a pessimist yet? So if you had guideposts to point you to your way about this optimism that you might feel what would you look at? Well, I think the thing that you have to look at is that the United States if we're looking at the national picture is still a one of the dominant countries our economy has been rolling along fairly. Well, now, of course, with the the tariffs that President Trump supports that's been something that's been a hindrance of economic growth, but largely were still in pretty good shape. Although we have had troops fighting overseas in the Middle East for the large part. We have been spared for decades and decades from World War. The economy is still growing developing countries are still a growing by leaps and bounds. So in large respects, if you look at the world in twenty nineteen compared to the world say forty fifty sixty years ago, you have to say in almost every measure United States and the world are doing better. And I think that will continue even though there's still going to be some challenges. We're going to have to deal with a lot of problems, including the increased political polarization, which I. I think everyone sees as big problem. How do you factor? The current thing that we're talking about in Washington, the shutdown and to your sense of optimism. How does it really make an impact for those folks who live there in North Carolina the people that you talking associate with? At this point. We don't really see a whole lot of discussion about it on a whole lot of impact. And I think largely that's because this shutdowns partial shutdown took place near the end of a calendar year people are shutting things down. Anyway, they're shutting down the work for the year, not really dealing a whole lot with the government. I think if the or to see some major impacts from the shutdown it's probably going to take back now moving forward after day when everyone starts get back to work, and they noticed that some of the things that we dealt with the federal government. We're not seeing these open, but I think so far most people dealing with the holidays visiting grandma and grandpa, and for the kids dealing with that now once we launched to the new year people will start to see an impact if any from the checkout now, I think one of the things that people who like to use the shutdown as a way to to try to get people moving together to try to get some sort. Deals. One thing that could be a downside for them is that if the shutdown continues and people really don't see a major impact on their lives. Then the shutdown loses a lot of its value as a scare tactic and people will say, wait a minute. If we don't we could live our lives, just as we are without these government agencies operating at full staff and a full power. Do we really need off his government agencies? So there is that danger that if people continue to live their lives, and they don't see a major impact on the shutdown. They might say why do we just stuff anyway in DC, Mr. Koci this time of year? There's always stories about new laws and regulations that go into a place across the nation. What's the picture there in North Carolina? And what do you think about you after you're all these layers of new laws being put into place? Well, I think someone suggested one time that we might be better off if every new law had to come along with a repeal of two previous laws, and that might be something. Good in North Carolina. We've seeks some interesting new laws are some election changes. We'd also see and you've probably heard this on the national level. One of our one of our do laws has gotten a lot of publicity is this one that would ban those who sell non dairy milk from calling milk. And so several other states in the in the US go along with that same measure than the people are so soya milk or almond milk. When be able to call it not anymore. You look at that. You say do you really need a law for that? This is the type of thing that probably people could figure out on their own. We at the at the John Locke foundation and a Carolina journal up at supportive of trying to keep government in it in its limited spot where does the things that he needs to do any lead people to run their lives the way that they would like to otherwise. So when you see a bunch of laws come into place that can always create a problem. Our big story here, of course, in North Carolina, dealing with the national picture is what happens at our ninth congressional district. This is something where the congress is coming back as you very well now, you're just a couple of days, and we are going to have a nice district congressman because our state board elections, which now no longer exists that board of elections refused to certify the results in the night special district. One thing that we do know is that the comeback from the last session of congress. Robert pittenger is not coming back. He lost a primer. Mary election any just announced within the last couple of days, if there is a brand new election with a brand new primary care in North Carolina. He's not going to be he's not going to try to get his seat back. So we do know the one thing we know about district is no Robert pittenger. But there's still quite a bit of interest and concern about who is going to be. I the Reverend Mark Harris who was the Republican unseated picture, you know, primary appear to have one on election day by about nine hundred dotes over a democrat new damage creepy, but there's still a lot of uncertainty about what's happening because of some irregularities involving absentee ballots in the eastern part of that district. And as I said, we don't have right now in election sports, and there's a fight between our governor and our general assembly about whether the governor could set up a temporary elections for the Republicans who are lead, the general assembly say go you can't do that. You don't have the power to do it. The new brand new election sports by law checks. At the end of January. So what happens between now? And then is uncertain. We know that some leaders the new leadership in the house of representatives in in DC as said, it's not interested in seeing the Reverend Mark Harris says the new congressman because of all of the sensor, and that in terms of political stories is probably the main thing we're watching your right now. North Carolina, hyper locally vary in North Carolina. You have a democratic governor ROY Cooper has two years left in his term. How would you? How would you? I guess bracket that the first two years, and particularly what faces them in these next two years. The first two years were very tough ROY Cooper because Republicans held veto proof supermajority in both our state house and Senate. So basically, they would go along with governor. If it was something they already wanted to do if you put forward a proposal at that..

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