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Welcome back to the jim bohannon show this is amazing story the one that's told in the saboteur and all the more amazing by virtue of the fact that it it actually happened this was a novel but this basic story actually took place when you go about writing a novel andrew grossed you feel compelled to be accurate anomaly une big picture things but little picture things like if somebody says that they they ate at a certain restaurant in a hotel in london is it important to you that that restaurant was actually in that hotel in nineteen forty three i used to when i started out my career i wrote books with jim patterson and he always had a saying never let the truth interfere interfere with a good plot device so that the but the truth is when you're writing stuff of sort of not only historical precedent but stuff that becomes extremely meaningful both in terms of the course of history or as i did in this previous book which was the one man which was a holocaust story that was built off my own family history the burden of truth is a whole lot higher than anything i had previously done so the answer is yes in that respect the other thing is that the beauty of these historically set novels is in the richness the details and you know if you can sports someone and just make them feel as if they are now in norway for instance says this book is in nineteen forty three and you feel the you know everything from the ferocity of the storms that took place there that you know would would would have killed far any lesser man than these commandos or you know one person facing you know the odds of of literally holding off you know a twenty germans while while they were trying to make their way inside a factory you you in order to make someone sort of feel that they're set there then yes i think what you say whether it's a restaurant in london or whether it's exactly what took place there what you wanna do is amplify the emotions as only fiction can do but i think accuracy becomes vital one eight six six five zero jimbo one eight six six five zero five four six two six with andrew.

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