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It's like, that's just, you know, that's ice cream and icing and gravy. I mean, it's just like you said a bunch of things. Ripped off by Al Pacino. So yeah, you said a lot here that I want to kind of touch on quickly. You know, the Al Pacino ripping into you, you are so unbelievably awesome in that scene, right? Because in that epilogue, that monologue that he gives is it's one of the best moments in movie history. I dare somebody to say otherwise, he says, you know, in the midst of it, he calls out Harry Trent Jimmy. There's a look on your face that you're like, almost like he's ready to kind of just give you guys some props or some respect. And then he drops the FU two. Like it is one of the coolest moments in movie history. It truly is Nick. Thanks. Yeah. And you mentioned the score. The fact that Thomas Newman wasn't nominated for that to joke. There's a shot. There's a shot of the four of you on the Internet that makes me really makes me like nostalgic, I love it, it makes me sad because of Philip, but it's just a great shot of the four of you. And I've had Austin Pendleton on the show, and he raised about Philip Seymour Hoffman. And I think they got the casting right. They got the casting perfect, I should say, with this movie. And when you rewatch it because I know you have your own son today. When you rewatch it, I'm curious, have you ever rewatched this movie with your son because I think he's probably close to the age that these guys were supposed to have been in the ballpark. I'm guessing. But yeah, my son is 15. So close, he's close to yeah. Yeah, we're getting there. And we watched it for the first time, he was last. He was last year. Wow. You know, very cool. He got a real, you know, he got a real real kick out of it, you know, and he but forever, he'd like, but he had seen scenes of the movie of me in it, YouTube, like this generation does they grab everything on the clips and bits off of YouTube first before anything. But you know he's been marking me as Harry havemeyer since I think he was like 5 or 6 years old. That's so great. That is such a great dad son moment. And Harry is totally the ringleader here, but it is really a beautiful movie, right? Because we're both Pacino and Chris start off. You know, Frank Slade, it might take is and you could say what you want. Frank Slade is a guy that's hurt by life, let down by people angry, to press suicidal..

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