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Windows now this was on tuesday in any this is probably happened to you you've been doing radio and and and or podcast for a long time i was all of a sudden you know when you start to either get like dry mouth or your you need water chokes i'm doing that so i'm trying to set up greg dickerson so maybe he can talk for a minute while i regroup didn't really go that way three hours is one thing but hey football street hours like and i know they play far fewer games but the ideas you can be entertained for three hours you get here in the voice right there you could hear to go right there and i know they play far fewer games but the ideas you can be entertained for three hours but you got to have more action and you greg as you see me cough if you wanted to jump in and say listen he's about to defend himself but listen so i just said something about you know whatever the three hour games but listen to greg's answer that but you gotta have some more action right that's because i shut my mic off so i can call but that's a and he can't and you greg as you see me cough if you wanted to jump in and say anything i go noticed i stood up right away to try you did not lodge doc in your asaf it because i was worried about the dog i'm gonna need water here in iowa one we're going down we're going no i'm going to be okay but feel fe feel free to to say words right now greg silvery the very scratchy throat we'll still waiting waiting for me well let's not talk shut up at least at least with football or basketball or even hockey you know that you're getting to the then it goes on and on from there it goes on and on from there like greg has a long career in live radio tv thank you could see me please please fill on tuesdays every was it yeah yeah we started talking about shannon sharpe and trying to decipher what shannon sharpe has to say which can always be a chore what are you doing because you're gonna be right back into the same situation again that's shannon sharpe just saying words what the hell greg i didn't believe it or not i didn't really understand what shannon sharpe was saying i can't i can't translate shannon sharpe i'm of the belief your what did he say because i'm of the belief i'm of the ability of of belief because i'm of the belief man that's tough so thankfully we had a caller who could kind of figure out what he was saying let's go to the phones here we got steve in connecticut he joins us next what's up steve hey that wasn't shannon sharpe that was gonna keep right all right because i'm a be a belief was that it because i'm of the a belief i didn't maybe i didn't hear it right he's better i heard a joke so nice he said it twice just tried it on again like still doesn't fit don't want it so i didn't love it then now the very next day we had more shannon sharpe audio to play was commenting on something else as it related to the patriots and then here we are again steve's in connecticut he's up next what's up steve hey sharp from i love it that's a that's a callback steve that's fantastic he was our best caller yesterday jarvi called back in just to take the crown once again as best caller of the day if we're if we were in jim rome show we would rack that because that was so strong paul back tomorrow that was as well done every like arrested development.

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