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It's and then those episodes that I mentioned are specifically related to a world of creativity. That's where you can listen also for every episode episode. I've done this from the very beginning of the podcast. I always pull a one minute. Sixty seconds sound bite of what I feel is one of the if not the the most important negative information that my guest is shared with me and I continue to do that on these episodes in the case of Danilo End John Begs were have to folks. I I pulled to sixty second snippet snippets clips and share them out on my social media and you can find those clips at on Instagram at Aggie Mark Phillips on Facebook at G. Mark Phillips Fan if an and also at twitter aggie Mark Phillips so I I know that you have a lot of stuff on you're played in your busy and I pull those clips because even if you don't have time to listen to the whole podcast I want you to be able to at least here. The nugget the sixty second sound bite that that I feel is really important one of the most important gates that my guest shared with me so I do that an effort to save you time and give you the give you the good seeking. Put it into practice. Get on with your life and and create the things that you came here to create so you can find all those on social media all right before I play the sound the this episode that marched incident. I recorded earlier earlier this month. I WanNa tell you give you a little glimpse of what's coming down the line. We talk about this and the episode as well but we've got a number of people lined up. We're going to start recording again in in September and bank a lot of those episodes and then share them with you in the podcast over the next coming months and and we're really excited. I mean like I said this. This thing is <hes>. We're learning a lot. We're getting a lot of insights into how different people work and a lot of applicable things tonight. I WanNa give anything away but we are talking about putting this in some type of a format. I don't know whether that's going to be a book or some kind of audio thing or a you know some kind of bullet point thing but some kind of tool that you can get your hands on that really will distill all of the things that we're learning from these. These interviews and we definitely are learning a lot. <hes> it's just a really exciting process in a really exciting thing to be a part of it. I WanNa thank Marc Stinson for you. Know bring up this idea it. It was just it's just a great idea. We are creators. <hes> everything that is existing in the world came through US everything that will be we'll come through us. It's just just a question of you know who's GonNa create how they're going to create it is going to be beneficial is going to be easy is best practices kind of thing so it really is interwoven interwoven with the the theme and the core concept of enhancing human experience being creators creating you know the things and experiences that we really. WanNa have having life. You know we get to determine what shows up in the world. We we get to make a conscious decision about how our businesses unfold what business we've and enter into what products products and services we enter how valuable they are all these types of things so it's really exciting and I hope you're enjoying this this series so without further ado. Let's jump into this this episode again. We're talking about the five point process that Keith Ferruzzi shares in his book never eat alone..

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