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The if the northern the south are talking without the us the right well there is a clear difference in approach to north korea right now the south korean leadership is making or taking the tac of trying to make peace in diplomatic efforts to get north korea to the negotiating table the trump administration is really pushing its pressure campaign but of course the point of pressure and sanctions is also to eventually get north korea to the negotiating table but right now the us doesn't want to talk with north korea and vice versa and so this is a problem that's dubbed the problem with no good solutions and that continues to exist despite the unity that we're going to see between the two koreas okay at the olympics leco reporting from solve the swing thanks to lease you back all right now let's get the view of the border between hungary and serbia were about four thousand refugees and migrants are hoping to get into europe you remember refugees from afghanistan to the middle east or africa were reaching europe and heading north a winner refugee gets to serbia and then has northward toward hungary the refugee is stopped often by a double border fence with razor wire and armed patrols hungary first built those fences to control the flow of asylum seekers a couple of years ago and since then hungary has grown more strict the number of asylum seekers admitted per day continues to drop first it was sixty asylumseekers per day and then thirty and then last year dropped to ten now and here so as to how do now sinn i went to hungary recently found out that hungary is now admitting only two refugees per day she doing now he serai good morning rachel what's going on in hungary why they limiting itself well the explanation that was actually given to some of the afghan asylumseekers who i spoke to there was that it's about elections on which was very interesting but it's also interesting to note.

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