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Like and that's the same with like clinton was a narcissist but he also was like curious and like interested in the world i wanted to find on both of them wanted to meet and fuck everyone interesting it's an element of curiosity fisher like for me i i i find that termi wears like trump lex all curiosity he could not be less interested in anything like the dude is i know i know everything i need to know at this point in my life it's to me it's sort of like demisch say something like he doesn't exercise because he believes that we all have a finite amount of energy humans have a finite amount of energy and trump doesn't wanna waste any of his does sound like something that like a weird scientologist would say about like he did say that i i can imagine him saying that sounds like something out of like dr strangelove with just like my energy unit what like preserving your like comey's like what are you doing to keep all the sperm i love throwing cool arnold stories on you one i heard from his episode of nerd assed where he him in hardwick had along what i didn't know that great great episode you should listen to it that's where i learned about his real estate stuff and a lot of is like kind of talks about coming to california oh my god okay definitely have to listen to that because it's like i know i know nervous so i'm like one degree away from knowing arnold it's crazy i know i truly just got into a full body sweat because i there is a way in which this is my narcissism i'm like maybe i could get to go on a date with arnold like i'm younger and like he's single could i ever get to go to dinner this is why i deleted the into story by the way not to digress and what you're about to say but like i did put on my story that i immediately deleted like a stalker i was like if anybody knows you know arnold's pr person i would love to cook a healthy healing nutritious dinner while he heals from his heart surgery and then i was like i was like you left that out before when you were talking about you didn't wanna come across one of those stalker.

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