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What have you. He was keeping plays alive and that was what was really cool to see. Yeah and on top of that. I mean there were two unexpected things to the public. It was keeping plays alive. And i think that really surprised everyone. I mean especially stiff arm. I think you could have got pretty good odd but teddy bridgewater getting a stiff arm and before throwing a completion. But then also the other thing which was very encouraging. And i think a lot of fans were very encouraged was teddy bridgewater throwing the ball further than ten yards. He had multiple completions that were beyond twenty yards. He had judy. For twenty noah. Fan for twenty five. He hit k. J. handler for twenty two. That's what people thought they weren't going to get with teddy. And that's why people wanna drew so bad is because the big place now did teddy hit a fifty yard touchdown. No but he the handler. The man's which would have been a fifty yard touchdown right. Was it a perfect pass. No but was it. Where i it should have been for it to be completed. Espn j. drop that so That was really encouraging to see. And just his composure in the pocket And going for it on fourth down that shows you why vic fangio won and teddy bridgewater. He has not had a quarterback that he's been this confident in his entire time in denver and bat is a huge behind the scenes thing and everyone said we'll why did he not go for withdrew in the preseason on fourth down but he went with with teddy and the preseason on fourth down it's because he trusts teddy. And we're seeing that bleed over into the regular season. And i love pretty much every single thing about the game. Zak is this surreal vic. Fangio is is this the guy the coach we haven't seen in the last two years because he didn't have the quarterback as you just said. Is this the real fangio. He's going to go forward on fourth down. he's gonna he's gonna take a few more risks. We didn't get to see that because he didn't believe in his quarterbacks and so maybe we're getting a taste this or was this just a rare instance where vic fangio is kind of coaching for his life on sunday. Be it go cheaper his life and he feels this pressures. He feel the pressure all the time. Because i i believe that this is who vic fangio wants to be now. Do i think we're gonna see three fourth down conversions every single week. No i don't think so. But i do think we're going to see a more aggressive vic fangio behind the scenes brady one of the reasons that vic fangio moved on from rich gang carello after his first year in denver was because he would he he gang rela with not merely as aggressive and victims like that. Everyone thought that he was mr conservative Because i in reality big thought it was rich being the conservative one. Vic wants to be aggressive. So would i be surprised to see the broncos go for it on fourth down every week or every other week absolutely not no. Why would and look. When the broncos got lead they just kept extending it here and they end up with a rare dominant. Blow out really..

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