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The life in a eleven month old boy while also leaving his grandmother another baby and a teenager in the hospital firefighters did manage to rescue all three from the second floor of their home last night of the worst condition is for the grandmother who suffered seventy percent burns over her body and is in critical condition new philadelphia eagles defensive end michael bennett taken into custody today after a court appearance in texas this follows a grand jury indictment we told you about happened friday on a felony charge of quote injury to the elderly so the da's office there in houston says bennett was a spectator in houston watches brother then a player for the patriots this was thirteen months ago so oh after the game bennett allegedly shoved his way onto the field through a crowd where players were gathering to celebrate but the security the stadium security personnel including that sixtysixyearold paraplegic woman says she was working security detail reportedly told bennett he had to use a different entrance for the field access and they claim while he was pushing his way through the crowd including the woman he caused injuries so he's faces up to ten years in jail for this this next door is a crazy story a mother crashing her suv into a telephone pole in an attempt to convince her young children god is real so police say bahari warren veered into oncoming traffic with their children in the back seat eventually hit a pole on the side of the road for children are five and seven they told police that her eyes were closed and she was saying blah blah blah i love god and she wanted us to know god was real well now mom knows the jail israel the twenty five year old woman who according to police admitted to crashing on purpose she's in jail charged with cruelty to children the children who thank goodness are not injured are now living with their grandparents let's check in now with i witness weather and katie fehlinger and tonight remains clear and called the low dropping to twenty nine tomorrow starting office some sunshine but with time the clouds begin to build and then tomorrow night especially watch for a shower the high milder up to fifty two and cbs three meteorologist katie fehlinger more weather cbsphillycom heavenly.

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