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So that was really the impetus to push forward with getting this done as soon as we possibly could. I mean, ultimately, we've been in talks with them all of America for a number of years actually before COVID hit. We were planning a big Pokémon go event at their venue. So we kind of been in talks with them for a long time to really work together. So it's kind of just natural progression and we both saw the opportunity. It was really just figuring out, okay, what does the deal look like? How is this gonna work? Yeah. It's a lot. At least speech is sometimes kind of look back. You go like, wow. What am I missing? No, but I know that the main kind of point was you wanted to kind of help grow eSports within the twin cities like you mentioned earlier. And so that was a goal for both of you. I mean, how much reached as wisdom have in regard to, I guess, an audience size, and how is wisdom's kind of first forays in this post pandemic world gone for you has been mild successes? I mean, what would you say have these past events or activations if you have gone for you guys? Yeah, I mean, our reach has been growing exponentially across our media network. We have 5 owned and operated brands that includes torrent or eSports organization that includes the Minnesota high school varsity league that we run in the state of Minnesota and that includes our content brands, which are giant slayer heroes hearth and gold rush. So it's spread across that. And then, of course, all the influencers that are also a part of those communities. Right now we reach, I believe it's 3 million uniques a month on Twitch alone. We've hit over 2.5 million hours watched this year alone. So we're growing. We've got a pretty big audience that's global, right?.

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