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Com optimism in the market today though a little more temper than when the pfizer vaccine us came out. I was able to spent just extraordinary hair. So on the back of the pfizer news. It just gives people some hope that there's some vaccines in two thousand twenty one. Exactly what we're speaking of course. Is this new moderna. News arriving as the us surpasses eleven million corona virus cases. We're going to be speaking with some result in a little bit to give us the context on exactly what this darn vaccine is. But i we actually have the man responsible for the moderna vaccine. He is the chief. Executive officer of modernist found that bonzo and he is joining our television colleagues. Steel and guy johnson celeste. How's it over to alex. So now we welcome our tv viewers and radio listeners. to stefan cel moderna ceo stefan. It's been a big morning. Congratulations obviously all very excited. At any new prospect of a vaccine the question though that it seems like people have is. Why is europe vaccine require less cold storage than pfizer key to distribution. Good morning and thank you for me. I think he goes back to perform. We have been working on. Emanate vaccines for more than five years. This is the ten vaccine. That's we'll be running a clinical trial on be over vaccine that you mentioned. It's the first time that they are doing a new infectious disease vaccine so over years we've invested heavily in science in process development that allows us now to mexican bell storage condition than what we used to have. You know five years ago stefan. This is really important because it's going to have a huge impact on distribution. How much of an effect will that stability at a higher temperature have in everybody's ability to be able to get hold of this axiom. I think it's a huge impact. We have a vaccine stalled at minus twenty between the factory and the big distribution centers and those able to handle the type of product because already product approved by the emea in europe immature uk or the us at minus twenty cents use. But what is very important with. Today's news is we can now faulk two days. Have a vaccine stalled in regular fridge at two two eight celsius lucky to insulin and as you know every pharmacy doctor's fees ospital has that capability. So we think it's a very important game changer. The p. store to keep in mind all vaccine does not require dilution the vaccine that you mentioned requires deletion at the site. So you take the vaccine out in need to. It's an extra step what we have to do to get the world back to normal is a massive vaccination campaign Never only happened before and so every time we wouldn't be wasting doing. These type of things fall of a product is going to be an issue so we think about between the fridge condition storage and the fact that we do not any solution onsides. That'd be a big advantage for nazis and up dolls to be able to provide those vaccine quickly to population. We once it a good distinction. Have you had conversations with the current administration or the incoming administration about kind of distribution. How to mobilize yes. So the operation warp speed has been working in the us very closely. We've city for a long time in wearing daily discussions with them. What we're gonna do as soon as we got an approval By the us fda east sheep the product via mckesson..

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