Climate Change, Jeff Hayward, Vice President discussed on Warm Regards - Climate anxiety in the Trump era


Now of course i cannot tell any of you what to do about this but if you are ever ever considering drawing attention to the dangers that ah trump presidency presents and the generational importance of climate change now is the time this week's episode will be a little bit different we've recorded three separate interviews with leaders on the environment and ask them what they are doing in response to the election results we've asked them what we could do so let's get right to it are first interview is with jeff hayward who is vice president of landscapes and livelihoods for the rainforest alliance he spoke to us from marrakech morocco where he is attending cop 22 the mood there as you might expect was thrown into disarray once it became apparent that trump was the winner but he says they're still abundant hope that the rest of the world will move forward on climate change with or without the united states well the son rose inera cash this morning as a bright sunny day i think people feel a lot better today than they felt yesterday uh yesterday it was surreal april where speechless they were expressionless they seemed spellbound and any conversation that you've heard on the margins was all about trump us elections a lot of people really didn't know where to turn to a how things will progress i felt like it was awasthi day people had a hard time having a coherent thought uh but um you know as thanks progressed i think people really saw that there's there's a to action here and there's a reason to be positive about why were in marrakesh in how quickly the paris accord was agreed to and how important and urgent climate change remains in that whatever might happen because of the us elections and the disruption really that eating tails for us climate negotiations in us climate policy.

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