Colds, Cody Davis, ROD discussed on NHL: Blackhawks vs. Berlin


Yeah can you more colds cornerback heard of cell phone interception play just walked to the locker room with trainers no medical tent for stumbles halftime anyone second out of four thirty three seconds present a long ball down the right sideline looking for past a diving Friday complete he crashed into the pylon with her did it and its third down and for coming up with twenty eight seconds to go in after number one that's a nice play by her did running stride for stride without school and then Cody Davis a strong safety coming over the top was a little late getting there the poll fastest finger tips rod wanted the flag but that's that's good coverage down to take a great coverage that's the one that really well reset he's got a third down and for the thirty nine a jaguar territory twins to the right including paschal and reset is going to go ahead use one of those two remaining time out well I'd like to use the time out here because you have to get closer for finitary you can expect at a bit of a headache you know a sixty five yard that's not gonna happen you have to get a good shot played here you still have a time out and you can still clock the ball you can you can now but it's Terry did make from fifty five and week eight against Denver the longest field goal the AFC so those those older bones are still work it okay for but yeah right you don't you don't want to mess around with that if you can yeah he put the.

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