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I think she might eventually might have had a little crush crush on me. I have a crush you christiane. You have a crush crush stores. Like what the fuck there was like. Okay i'll just gonna be silent. Sit over here by myself. I can't wait so you know we're going right. You are celebrating wayne and california for his birthday. We're gonna have a whole bunch of facebook lives. We are because we have to because we have the haunt. we have universal. We have disney. we're going to be going to their. Yuki bougie fash bash and kobi's gonna be corolla deville yes. I am If they send me my costume amazon where i don't know if that's happening has not chipped. It says shipped from carrier facility like fifteen times but then it says arrived from like the plane or something but that said that a few times. So i don't know arrive seems really good. It seems like that would good. So i think it's arrived in the united states. I've been going chew a lot for this. Oh yeah yeah yeah. They giving locked for four to five days in organ. Oh that's right. All right the top ten scariest horror movies ever ready. I don't know if these are an order. But it starts with number one okay. So this is the scariest liked. You wanna make any predictions of what's on the lister. Know anything okay saying amnon. Well we saw some pretty fucking scary ones last year. Was this list made twenty nine hundred twenty twenty so all the ones that were made in two thousand twenty. One won't work. No okay. Because i thought the movie uh us was fairly scary and that was done in nineteen or twenty. What's us so basically. It's about your shadow. Oh i haven't seen this. That takes over you. Oh i haven't seen this one. Yeah they look just like you and they just can't talk okay. I haven't. I've never even heard of that. It's pretty good. It's called us if you want a freak fucking tarot Talk about us. Really just gets really freaked. Terrace kind of a wimpy went when it comes to scare each. She likes to put up scary mask on and try to scare people every hoping my favorite was i took her mask.

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