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Speak speak in a halloween. We also watched the original halloween. I got sued for the first time and mom and dad said that that was the one movie. That really scared you when you were younger. No that's That's what they told me. They were like dylan will never watch his movie again because it scared him so bad. I was like okay. Let even i mean just just trying to cover your tracks. I know what they're Who directed the original thirteenth. Sean s. cownie. I'm not gonna help his duties. Yeah a lot of nothing anyway. I think that. Friday the thirteenth and halloween and friday the thirteenth and ran on the street are great. Because they're so unique in their own right. But then out of those three fred or a nightmare on elm street is the most unique. Because it's it's more your head obviously lives in your dreams and things like that you know. That's something that everybody else can see. That's what i like about him And it's just a cool trivia. I think robert england. He's the guy who plays He's the guy who plays freddie but he is the one who pointed. Mark hamill towards the audition for luke skywalker really. That's cool. yeah. I think i don't. I added fact. Check this but there was a. There's an old like story out there. That mark came him. Were roommates and england. Went to go audition for the role of han solo star wars. But he didn't get it and so he told mark hamill who was sleeping on his couch at the time. Hey you should go audition for this thing you might. You might get some business out of it. You might get out of this. And he went on to the biggest movie franchise of all time which is crazy to think about anyway. So we watch that. Obviously it's super cheesy in twenty twenty one as opposed to nineteen eighty-four but also if you didn't know this it's johnny depp's first.

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