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Morning. Do the demons risk. There can hang with the sleep. Stayed up until about two. Because i just couldn't fall asleep Well yeah you'd probably like your hearts thinking about these demons and if someone come we put. We put miles in bed with us. Just make becca feel better. That's to demon dreams against one. That's i would be. I would be up for being a bit of trouble. Yeah and then this morning. I drink a lotta tea. Banh shocker to the world. And i'm looking. I'm cleaning up the counter and i see like possibly residual t- from what i make my tea but also i'm like oh what if it's mice poop. Oh i thought you were to say the tea like spilled something. Oh no that's what you burn. The house i would have been burned the stage and the polisario and the fucking shingles the roof of fire mass. I might have been it. Could've been was it circular. Because that's i know mouth no mouse poop is not circular. It's like oh it's like shape. Yeah yeah but a little logs. Yes but little but then again i also make my t. there and i make loose-leaf t to know that means it's literally t- like not in not back and it's not ground up. Oh it's like it's like the leaves so you're like rolling dube's based do so i'm gonna. I'm going to figure it out last part of the story is you know i've i've been having a little tough time with certain things. I'm telling back this morning. I'm like i in some ways i feel like i'm just going fucking crazy and she's talking. I mean don't laugh at that you sent him off because i feel like you're building up this moment and i'm like i just feel like i'm going crazy. And she's like don't don't worry life okay right now but by and then. I got a text from her. Her sister named sarah she was. I spoke to sarah. Okay she goes. She had a dream and she and she woke up to someone in her. You're going sarah and woke up. She like alone. she.

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