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Podcast. This is your unveiling people know that people know Yup. That's it first of all Titi on so this is I should have chosen an easier name. at no one can you too. Tonya Tonya because she's named after the Queen of the fairies in midsummer night's dream. How your real name? My real name Andrew Oil. Do you have an issue with people. Now now knowing that Tatiana or Tanya tetons yeah she's totally eclipsed me. I'm basing alive have anymore. It's all about her. Well I can't remember how I found out about you on twitter but just laughing really hard at something that you wrote. That was so close. Close you you do such a good job of like blurring the line between outrageously woke and satire. Yet it's that thing of trying to do our Shaw. WHO's the girl Tronto there? Okay yeah so the goal is a COMPASSI afford different women. Well that's good put together because I was worried about you know what I'm going to get sued for sure yeah yeah so it's not real human. Medical Intersectional Selfless and brave by my work but it was healer but also I love that. She's deadpan because it means that she saw every time I post them. It's like there's this Po faced woman staring at you daring you. Yes don't you dare challenge me. She can be mean in a way that I'm not so that's kind of funny. You end up inhabiting this character. Who just isn't like you and I do? I do end up thinking like I even even dreamt as her and that that sounds like a lie but I have so. That's pretty scary. I I have you know she'll have to go eventually because like I can't do it without kind of psychosis isn't it. Well she's so. Oh big now you have four hundred and twenty thousand followers. It's wigs happened really quickly. I I guess it's because there's a whole cohort of people out there who just sick of this you. Yeah partly that but also partly because people still fall for all the time people constantly think it's real all the time tweet you one of my favorite everything's to do is read people getting upset at you like that is ridiculous you think. That's why trump was winning right man. Ah never ceases to amaze me how angry people get on twitter. With with even legitim- legitimate causes is like. But I watch that. I think it's fun because I can satirize the left often the the sort of the most liberal side of things through her but then I can argue with the right wing trump supporters and stuff and I can mark them as well right so you get to have a go the the extremes. Yeah you know what I mean. Yeah I'm so shocked that people still think she's real like even after all this time. Oh shocking you're close enough. There's plenty of people well and I'll point. You did a few of them follow. I follow some people. Were just bookmarked them. So they don't they don't follow them. Yeah and just some of them are so God damn fucking crazy and yet I keep getting told this is like a straw man these people that religious job but they do even once did a Jimmy. There's a tweet by SIROCCO WHO's really really woke dark it. Yeah I think so. She did a tweet about how a shame she was being white and that was her. I think it was and then I just cut and paste that tweeting put out for Tricia. My name is one of the ARQUETTE's but I did the same tweet. I literally come as to as to tax like some people got got it just taken this other viral tweet and some people got the point. I was making But yeah it's close to some of them are nuts. Yes like like frighteningly so to a point that it's it's a cult like behavior it's like it's it's it's I think that the basic principles of you know standing up against gainst racism sexism homophobia all. That stuff is great. Yes I think. The the the woke movement isn't that it's a kind of weird cultish a pseudo religious thing that is beyond so that you're no longer allowed to make mistakes you can't be redeemed. There's there's no it's it's it's got all those hallmarks yes. He's leaving. The early Christians used to burn people out of love. You know is that it's that thing and that's why we get this kind of council culture stuff and I guess that's why I wanted a maybe. That's why it's popular because people are sick of the treading around eight shells worried about being misinterpreted or even worried about fucking up on making mistake. I mean what's wrong with saying something that's every now and then maybe you do say the wrong thing and it should be fine. If you're a human being but part of it is also that things are written down right. When things are written down you could see him over and over again? If you made a mistake just said said something in normal human conversation which is how we're supposed to communicate how we normally communicate. Yeah it just comes and goes. Yeah but when it's written down then it becomes us something different but it's more than that isn't it because I'll give you an example so there was a guy who was the editor of Cookery magazine in the UK and a Vegan Vegan freelance journalists email. I'd love to do a thing about vegans and he replied and made some joke about. Yeah you can do something about how we will force feed the meat. And we'll make them each other stupid flipping thing. I rather than saying I was really offended by that. Can we talk about it. I don't think that's appropriate. Email freelance journalist. She screen shot the thing. Put It on twitter. Made a thing of it and he had to step down so I think that's the difference is whereas like saying to someone look calling out a mistake according for something they've done that you perceive to be bad. That's that's that's all well and good but when you're using it to advertise how virtuous you are and how you you're able to take someone down the mistake that they made that troubles me because then it's no longer about really about the issue. Well I think what we're dealing with when when when you're talking about woke culture and I love that you made this comparison to radical religious religion because I think they're the same patterns. I think human beings have patterns. They follow and you could say that you're not religious but you follow these is extremely rigid ideologies. That don't allow for any variation whatsoever. You they force one hundred percent compliance and if if you're not one hundred percent in compliant they will attack you and you can't be woken up one of the things you find a religion as people will especially in the more radical dangerous injuries and scary religions. They'll turn on each other. Oh yeah turn on each other for not being pious enough. Yeah all the time. Yeah that happens in whoa culture. One of the scariest things that happens to these woke people people is when the woke people attack them. Oh Yeah I'm GONNA happen with J. K.. Rowling Jake around and because she defended it was a British case. It was the woman who was fired from her the job because she posted a tweet saying that she didn't believe that sex was immutable characteristics. She we said there are men and women and you can't change the now that's her opinion and she's entitled to have it But the the judge in the UK ruled that no. It's not a legitimate opinion to hold and you can be fired for that right so Jay Robinson said No. That's not fair. That's it's her opinion and they went for her even though she's like she's so woke she keeps retrospectively deciding that her character is a gay and also stuff like that and you know dumble symbol those guy and she she got after her. They went after her before that as well. Because in the fantastic sequel with dumbledore young man. there's not much avert homosexuality and so the Lgbtq community was saying. Why isn't it more? I mean what are they want. Double penetration what do they want. They want full on wisit visit gay sex scene and she got she got the brunt of that. You know it's like this and I hate that so it was. I didn't think you don't need validation by seeing wizards making out unless that's your vision for vision was I mean she if she wanted some radical sexual aspect to her story. I don't think it was but no it wasn't yeah. She wants to Poland. That's fine if that's a look I mean it doesn't even necessarily have to be poor but I'm I don't think you should ever try to alter someone's artistic vision. Yeah when when someone is a genius like J. K.. Rowling I mean. Think about that stuff that she's created Harry. Look the Harry. Potter series speaks for itself. Just a sheer popularity of it for someone to step in and say you're doing it wrong when it comes to gay sex everything else. Great or any your fucking genius with everything but Gazar also. I don't like it's not. It's not her responsibility to be the ambassador for gay sex. And also I think is really patronizing to gay. People say that they need to see this. Yeah yeah but it is now like a standard thing in art and movies and stuff so like you saw that with Tarantino once upon a time in Hollywood and he someone asked him Emma journalists. Were saying they're like why why isn't the. Why isn't Margot Robie character? Talk more but he's made an artistic decision he hasn't thought let's just the female character the cabinet that character. So let's let let's have a silent most of the time. He's making a point about restoring Sharon tate to an iconic kind of states that she was denied by the Manson family. It's a very interesting trusting artistic decision and if you watch film and you go and all you can think is oh. The woman didn't speak enough. There wasn't enough diversity then you're not engaging with the artwork right like we how to the BBC did a review of game of thrones by series by series where they judged each episode is good or bad on the percentage points of how much female characters speak. So doc don't do reviews Pi Cha. It's it's it's weird to me. That's that's it's almost a complete misunderstanding. What the creative endeavors all about art art? I mean look. Did Thelma and Louise do a disservice by not having Brad Pitt. Talk more. Well exactly. That's a good example. Yeah Yeah it was a great movie because it was a great movie. It's an artistic vision. Doesn't have to adhere to these ideas of of inclusiveness S. and diversity. It just doesn't and artistic vision is supposedly if you write about A bunch of Asian kids that WANNA be hip hop are you have no no obligation have white people right. You have no obligation to have anyone else in it you can have. You can have a movie with one character through the whole movie. Yeah no obligation course. It's it's an artistic vision but I've been thinking about this a lot because I think this gets to the heart of. What is the problem with the work culture and what they're the foundation allegation of their belief system is and it's to do with this idea of what you hear it all the time power structures in society? You know that this is this kind of and that's why Oy they think there needs to be more representation and things like that in these films because they think that influences culture and influences people and maintains and sustains power and everything like that so that's why they're that's why they're doing I think it's just a false premise. Ultimately it is a false premise. And the people that are doing it in the people that are perpetuating this false premise. US are not doing good work. Another part of the problem. If you WANNA be a woke artist. Good fucking luck. Good fucking luck. Yeah because your stuff probably probably gonNA suck 'cause you're thinking about that more than you thinking about the singular artistic vision that might have. You're trying to put it through the filter of intersection. -ality the different variables that you have to consideration of how you're going to be criticized and what you're GonNa like soon as you compromise yourself. Yeah in any you you you open up the door for mediocrity and he doesn't sell well like people and I think that's simply because people hate being patronised. was that expression go get woke. Go Bro Yeah exactly. I mean when I saw that last film and you've got the lesbian kiss of like a two second of lesbian kissing and I I know what they don't care about that sort of stuff by all means make a full lesbian. Let's be like that but you feel hectic like you feel like someone standing over your shoulder saying you see that you thought is what you're supposed to support your all. We'll hang the phone that's good. That's what they're basically saying. Let's say your bad people. They didn't trust human beings they don't trust society and they're rabid they're ravaged rabid their their need for compliance. Everyone must comply..

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