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Which was hilarious, by the way, but whatever Um, the fact that it's become a thing is, it's just amuses me to no end. But that's not happening. Let me just tell you now, master not having me just tell you Okay, It's not happening unless something drastic changes. It is not happening. I've already laid out the options. I've told you guys with the real options are if the Jets were let go, Sam Donald John Elway were like him. That would have been one that that looked at. Some of the other options out there, Champ Kelly comes here. Nick Foles jumps right to the top of that list. Carter Minshew. Andy Dalton. Those two guys, you looking at you You're looking at a one year stopgap, veteran type. Come in their push to lock a little bit or pick up the pieces. If it's true, I can't hack it through training camp. Which by which allegedly had a training camp, by the way. You got her really got hurt when I r could even practice. Yeah. This was a truncated training camp. This last one, and then he traded up here. Yeah, I'd love to see him, you know, actually get a preseason to be interesting. Everybody that for now. Like that's what you're looking at. That's what you're going to get and then what they're going to do from there. Say Okay, either true Lucky's or is not the guy and now look at the draft next year when Oh, by the way, you get some better quarterbacks coming out this class Despite people telling you, it's strong is really not, You know, I'm excited about the following your class, You know? I mean, I'm a huge Sam Sam. How God and then you have to say right now, Sam, how B Q B one b in this class not to be, too. Q B one b class. Um, you know, this class, handsome guys that could be projects Fields, Wilson. You know, those guys could be project lances alongside you guy. Spencer Rattlers can be something. Yeah, Carson Strong and Nevada is gonna be something a lot of people like Slovis. Yeah, Slovis another name. There's a lot of talent in that class after this year. This year is, you know there's a lot of names. There's probably a lot of quarterbacks taken the first round. But it's an indicator of need. Not an indicator of talent. You go back and look look at the draft class that had what Christian ponder getting taken 13th Overall, all the guys they're like five quarterbacks locker with Jake locker. It wasn't a talented quarterback in their classroom. I knew it, but they're a lot of teams that needed them, so they were rolled the dice on it anyway. Some Potter was a day three guys somehow got picked it like 13th overall by the Vikings. You know? Jake Locker was Tim Tebow without the cult I love that. I'm just saying like it's you know, you go back and see if that becomes the case. I mean, you know, Look, you're talking about organizational direction. You know that case your pick number nine. Maybe your direction is to trade back and acquire their Ugo and I tried to hint at this on Twitter earlier. I even use the word hits. Everybody could kind of get it. If you're a new general manager coming in, and you've listened to everything I've just told you about What? Just smart. Career move would be What do you do it? Nine If your if your guy let's say your guys, there were pickings were picking 799 sorry. Seven was sore because yeah, if if your guys Michael Parsons, and he's gone. And you know the guy's past her town. I'm not. I'm not throwing those names out there saying they are the guy but I am in hand. Um, you're so you're so sorry. So sorry. Love this little TV sledgehammer. If those two are your guys And Parsons has gone by that point, You could probably trade back a little bit. And pick up certain because you got Stokes is a fall back option or to get out of Georgia corner of Georgia, right so you could probably trade back into the teens and still get a pretty good player. Same kind of player you would have gotten at nine..

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