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This is npr news it's kqed news i'm eric king with two undocumented students at a side california attorney general have you ever serra announced california is suing the trump administration for indian deferred action for childhood arrivals program that allows undocumented young adults brought his children to remain in the us to work and study they don't know if doing this publicly is putting them in further payroll or not everything you value could be on the line i don't think any of us ever has to worry about that california's lawsuit is now the third lawsuit fighting the daca repeal kqed's marisa lagos from our politics and government death joins us now with some legal analysis it congress has six months to pass legislation that could save the daca program or introduce a new program why did this state attorney general have you ever sarah file now i mean i think there's kind of two things at play here first of all there's the idea that democrats like the sara and quite frankly a lot of republicans would light congress to act and to step in and expand this program so protecting daca is one part but protecting the information of the folks in this program and their families is another big part of this lawsuit and the other ones one of the sort of main courses of action here's this question of due process something called equitable stop all in legal terms essentially saying that if i give you information and you have made a promise to me about something you can't than turnaround and use that to harm me and in this case you have hundreds of thousands of dreamers who not only gave their own personal information but information about their parents who are undocumented to the government and what the sara and others wanted c is that that information remains protected whatever congress does that the trump administration doesn't hand that over to their own immigration and customs enforcement division and have them use it to deport people so how is this state law suit different from the other ones that were filed by new york and washington last week even the university of california felt went so in a few words they're not that different i would say that some of this has to do with town at the new york attorney general really focused a lot on what he perceives as the president animus towards mexicans on latinos he quoted the some.

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