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Each year more than six thousand American veterans take their own lives these include some of the bravest and most dedicated men and women this nation has ever produced general mark Millie is chairman of the joint chiefs of staff I've had about two hundred and forty two soldiers that have been killed under my command one way or another since nine one one but I think of them a lot he was on ABC's this week here's how to help as we honor veterans day for Michael Hudson who spent thirty plus years in the marines and now works for clear force a risk management firm in Virginia Michael we all want to help but we don't always know how yet that's exactly a good way to think about it the challenges there is no one sign or one indicator and individuals on that pathway to take their life by suicide and the data supports that really engagement organizationally is a way to get out and augment data will think about it is it is an organization and put the pieces together so you see these indicators potentially how do you understand that in contact with that individual and that's were like tools and technology can be helped the organizational culture can be helpful and outreach is well you can look at that instead of having the individual who's struggling have to reach out for help necessarily it is a way for you to become aware of those indicators or see baseline behavior changes you can have a reach out start the conversation I think a lot of times I can be very helpful sorry you reference organizational culture what is enough to do it how can I help the military one of the things you're we learn early on and that is in the thirty years in the marines you build this part of the team culture and we're working out for each other we don't need nobody behind it I'm sure you've heard that so if your initiation start working at employees are listed Hey they're part of our team right so we have this organization says we hired you we brought you in we absolutely want you to contribute to be part of the tape and we are.

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