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And west of the Blue Ridge that includes Washington and Frederick counties in Maryland. And also northern Fuck here in western Latin counties in Virginia and points to the west that goes until one in the morning Showers Tonight they'll end around midnight still could be some pockets of freezing rain across the far northern and western suburbs. So far, though, this has not been a big travel issue force overnight temperatures will rise to the forties is a warm front list of north and we'll see areas of dense, far developing. Morning clouds and dense fog on Saturday. Samantha of Sunshine and turning much warmer Heisel range from 55 to 60, and it'll be rather breezy. Could be some showers on Sunday as a cold front comes through highs mid forties Monday. Partly sunny with a high in the mid forties and look for sunshine on Tuesday with highs in the upper forties. I'm storm team for meteorologist Mike Stanford. It's 33 degrees in Rockville, 32. Ashburn, 35 district Heights brought to you by patient first positions, X rays, lab test and prescription drugs with 20 D. C. Troll area medical centers. It's 5 40. And at least 140 Republican House members planned to vote against certification of the Electoral College vote on January 6th. This vote would on Lee DeLay confirmation of president elect of Joe Biden's victory that has no chance of overturning the result of the November presidential election, which Biden one with 306 Electoral College votes. President Trump and his Republican allies have spent the weeks following the election, working to overturn the results and sharing claims of voter and election fraud without providing evidence. Historians argue the roots of today's Republican Republican Party started with this man We have a disaster in this country made dramatically worse. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in places like California, Illinois, New York, and Gingrich remains a starch Donald Trump supporter, Though frequent through frequent commentary on Fox News. In his recent book, Burning Down the House, Princeton political historian Julian Zelizer writes about how Gingrich's political history contributed to the rise of Donald Trump. And Salazar joins W T O peace Dimitry sodas on Skype. I try to show in the book that the Republican Party many people see in front of them today that's embraced a kind of partisanship where attacking institutions dismantling them. Ignoring procedures in norms that are important to govern and really using pretty devastating attacks on opponents are rooted in the way Newt Gingrich remade the Republican Party in the 19 eighties and really pushed Much more aggressive form of partisanship than senior leaders have been comfortable with, and he comes into Congress and 1978. He's elected from a district in Georgia and for much of the 19 eighties. He's a political bomb thrower Maverick who does all sorts of things most people aren't used to. He engages in political theater on C Span and other television stations. Toe force confrontation with the Democrats uses really blistering language about the Democrats called And then the looming left that people were surprised by and finally in 1989. He brings down the speaker of the House gym right in a huge scandal that forces or creates pressure for the first resignation of a speaker in American history. So it's in the eighties that you see Gingrich introduces playbook to the Republicans and in 1989, the Republicans elect him to a leadership position, and we've been living in his shadow ever since. How did investigative journalists Who thought they were doing God's work. After Watergate actually become weaponized by Gingrich. Reporters were determined to root out corruption and show the relations between money and politics that he could use that as a partisan cudgels so he would take stories that were initial stories. They weren't fully developed questions about Jim right, for example, and his relationship to different people in the district. They were just early stories, but he used them and he would spread them and he would turn them into another Watergate. It s so he used them to capitalize on the distrust A lot of Americans had in American politics. So I think investigative journalism became fodder for his partisan wars. That's Princeton political historian Julian Zelizer on his recent Newt Gingrich book Burning Down the House. It's 5, 43 and coming up on W T. O P Can The Wizard's finally get a win? Well, we'll find out next and sports I'm.

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