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Along with Ross, Okay, and here is Ross, okay? And now the three big things you need to know. Number one. Colorado has confirmed the first U. S case of the new, more contagious Corona virus variant, now widespread in England. The patient is a man in his twenties with no travel history and reportedly no close contacts. He's recovering in isolation. Public health officials are investigating number two Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a pandemic relief bill for her state while joining the call from other governors for more help from Washington. I want to urge the federal government to pass a bill that includes $2000 in stimulus checks for American families. It's the right thing to do. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is blocking attempts from Democratic senators to pass a bill that would boost relief payments from $600 up to two K, instead presenting a bill that considers raising the payments changing online speech. Pearls and creating a commission to investigate voter fraud. Number three Louisiana Republican congressman elect Luke left. Lo has died of covet 19. He had announced he tested positive mid month and by Christmas had been transferred to Ochsner Ellis, You Health Shreveport Medical Center, where the 41 year old passed away last night just brings home Covert keep killing most Most folks, it doesn't but it truly down. So it's remembered loose is what I was holding prayers as well. To be careful, covered everything you know you should do that's Congressman Let lows future Louisiana.

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