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Such a weird like bubba Smith and Dick Butkus and baseball players miscellany spelane. I don't know it was so strange. But there were huge in they. They let them on a January nineteen eighty-four if anyone remembers his hit rap single wrapping Rodney. Because they're this really it's something else it is and it was a big hit. Actually it was topped which is pretty big. Top Top fifty nine chuck give it its due. That means it was number fifty nine. Yeah so it was right behind uptown. Girl and it was Rodney dangerfield rapping about being old sounds really bizarre now but like legitimate rappers. At the time like say the sugarhill gang rapping about like having. Dinner Your friend's MOM's house so it wasn't that far off the mark for the time you know like be nice to your family. That's what wraps worry about the good old days He was on the simpsons. I think a couple of times. Wasn't he no? He was on more than once. I think he's on twice but in one thousand nine hundred sixty played Mr Burns illegitimate son herb. Who got no regard? No regard at all. I wonder why they didn't say respect today. Not I think there was a joke messing around. Okay yeah the man himself is. They are would've been surprised if he was like look. It's one thing I don't want to say respect. Maybe not avoid trying new things here branch out which actually he did brancheau. He's actually really creative. Guy He had live Broadway show. That ran for a couple of weeks in nineteen eighty. Eight called appropriately. Rodney Dangerfield live on Broadway exclamation point for a couple of weeks. He wrote a romance novel called La Contessa and if you google the image for this It's disturbing. It's basically like your typical ribs like it's Fabio basically with a woman except it's got Rodney dangerfield space on it and it's available on audible. I was it really is with Rodney. Dangerfield reading it. No Way I kid you not what I joke about. What's on audible? Well his. I looked up earlier to Seattle. Audubon autobiography on. They're not the only Rodney dangerfield thing on there. It's awesome L. MARTINE. So you get that for free audio he wrote. I guess he didn't direct it. But he produced and wrote the Movie Rover Dangerfield the animated classic about a dog who gets no respect and then Mr Oliver Stone called him up one day and said I had this role for you in a movie called natural born. And it's about this father who was molesting his daughter Raping his daughter and I think it'd be perfect for it and Ronnie didn't get it. I was like what? Do you want me for this role. He's like you'll see and did you see that natural born killers. You can get the scene on youtube. It's when Oliver Stone did the Phony Sitcom. It's how they portrayed that that part of the movie so they have a laugh track and it's it's really disturbing. It's like re layers of bizarre right so there's so it's like Rodney dangerfield sadistic incestuous molester. But it's Rodney Dangerfield. That's the weird part and then there's a laugh track to just throw you off that little extra bit. You know it is very jarring. It was pretty well done. But the the notable thing about that is that Oliver Stone Ra- Rodney dangerfield rewrite all of his lines. And you got a lot of critical acclaim for your Bose like Rodney Dangerfield. We had no idea. And he's like seriously if you go today and just Google the Rodney Dangerfield of you can find a whole list of things He's such a cultural icon. That phrase itself has become a thing now like petite. Sarah is the Rodney Dangerfield of California wines or the Memphis Tennessee. City Council is the Rodney Dangerfield of local government. Seriously that's the thing even saw guitar. Preempt was known as the Rodney Dangerfield of guitar. Pre my favorite is palladium is the Rodney Dangerfield of precious metals stupid. What am I gonNa this up so chuck right in my now. Let's let's step back a second press. Pause HAVE THE BEAUTIFUL. Old Message break agreed..

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