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And clearly through an elbow at range priebus he claims he wasn't throwing bohe just tag grains priebus to show that they're all working together to clamp down on the leaks and we know president trump is very very concerned a bow leaks out of this white house now scaramucci refers to these kinds of leaks about who is having dinner with sort of inside the west wing palace intrigue leaks as small potatoes and that's how he describes the president talks about it but of course garbajosa yasser is the much more problematic leaks of the national security writer in the end he expressed concern about that too but that's not what he's clamping down on now what he's coming down on now is the scuttle but kinda leaks the who's inwho's out who's trainer knife the other guy in the west wing and get you know improve their position that's the kind of leaking that scaramucci apparently with the blessing of the prison united states went out to try and wash today so i i want you to just this little snippet of how it started because scaramucci said he said to chris cuomo on the air that he spent fifteen minutes talking to president trump before he got on the air that he got his blessing i was as if president trump briefed his staffer for his live shot coming up his interview instead of the other way around and and scaramucci then went on the air to say this with the president and i would white fell everybody we've a very very good idea who the leakers or who the senior leakers already the white out so there you go we have a very very good idea of who the leakers are who the senior leakers are.

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