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Lot of shows would start today and that Steph Curry breaking the all time three point record. Hopefully I do a little differently than you've heard it everywhere else. And I'm going to start with this. I was a little surprised that this was as big of a deal as it was. And I'm definitely not complaining about it, because I kind of like that we cared about a record again. Baseball records were a thing, depending on how old you were, if you're really young listening to this podcast, you'd be like, what are you guys losers? Like maybe we may have better losers, but we really cared about home run records. I know just because Ted Williams is my father's hero that anybody that flirted with 400, I was like, I hope this doesn't happen, you know? Because I don't know. It's just one of those things. And it's obsessive. It may seem wrong, but we cared. And anybody who had a certain number of home runs at the all star break, I would be sitting there trying to figure out, okay, well, this many games are played. You know what's the best chance? Dale Murphy had a couple first half, but again, the baseball first half plays more than 81 games. So it wasn't always perfect math on all of that. But we cared about all of this stuff. And certainly with a steroid era, however you feel about that. There's something that's not debatable is that it's taken away a lot of interest in the home run chase and all this stuff. It's just not really the same. And the fact that we're not having ironically as many home runs. So with basketball, the all time scoring deal, it's probably going to happen with LeBron passing Kareem unless LeBron would have devastating injuries here at the end. I think that will happen. And that will and should be a bigger deal than Steph's pursuit, because desperate suit was weird for a couple different reasons. The first one is this was not an in season deal. So the angst of him not getting this record, which is partly his own fault because he had toyed with the idea of saying, well, maybe I'll get 16 against Portland. Now, maybe he looked at Portland's line up that night and realized they've been one of the worst defensive teams and goes, you know, let me really see what I can do if I go for it because that's I think something that we've all wanted to see from Steph is just be like incredibly selfish for a couple games. And let's see what happens. And he missed a million shots and it looked like other teams were so keyed up and making sure that he didn't break the record that it then became this kind of lingering thing for over a week. He was always going to break the record. This wasn't 58 home runs with a week to go in the baseball season hoping to surpass 61 when we asked you to use to care about 61. So that part of it was like, okay, this is entertaining. This is the thing, but it's going to happen. There's no debate about this. He's going to pass reality for career threes. And another part of it too is that the game is shifted as such that all of these three point records are, I don't want to say meaningless because it certainly means something to be the all time three point leader, but the inevitability of it because of how many guys take now. It wasn't as dramatic as I think it was being made out to be. So then he misses a bunch of shots against Portland. The Philly game on Saturday night was ugly. He went 6 to 23 or 14 from three. Philly was absolutely selling out like as if we're last possessions at a close playoff game trapping him, running two of them, does probably as good a job, maybe the best single job on stef that anybody does. Although I thought Steph was kind of using some of his chasing against him in the matchup that was at Golden State, where stuff was aware of it and kind of reset himself in a position himself and Bible would just do a blow by and miss. I think die will chase his people down through screens and still stays in the play to contest the shot better than maybe any player I've ever seen. I'm serious. Like do a mental snapshot if you really into hoops and think about all the people that work that hard to get around screens and still get up to contest jumpers from that far out. Have we seen anyone care and put that kind of effort and actually challenge shots the way he does chasing down shots off a screen? Have we ever seen anyone do it as well as die well does it? I don't know that we have. So Steph was dealing with that on top of it felt like Doc Rivers and embiid and those guys were like, look, we care about stopping him and they won the game and they were terrific. I thought it was a little weird I'll admit a team that can't get into the second round, taking such pride in stopping Steph from passing Ray Allen being like, yeah, you know, we're too prideful. Never let that happen. We'll beat the fucking hawks then. So this is the continuing deal. You know, Steph was 19 to 60 from three over it, so it felt worse than it was. 32% isn't great for Steph. It's not the end of the world. And on top of it as much as everybody's like, I'm just so glad this is behind them, whether Steph said it, whether cursed said it, whether you're just going to vibe a Golden State kind of dragging this out and not loving it. They went three and one. So it was weird as it looked because it looked weird, and it was bad against Philadelphia. And that stuff was chasing in a moment this guy who I think has been the best teammate in basketball the last 20 years. The unselfishness of his whole entire approach to franchise end to being a teammate that he felt like, you know, let me see how many I can get up here and see if we can't break this record. So we needed two against the next goes ahead and breaks it. By the way, quick aside on the next and everything else, there are 12 and 16 now I think they're incredibly predictable offensively. They haven't had RJ Barrett now because of the COVID protocol thing. So that adds to it fournier, because they spend a lot of money on not closing the game. And it was the right call, hunting him defensively. And Fourier's just going to have stretches where you're like, wait, how much should we pay this guy? This guy averaged what in Orlando? I just think that forni is the kind of guy that should be just a place that's like, yeah, we get a game tonight. All right, cool. Because this is bad. This has been a bad stretch. Not to say it's always going to be this bad. They're better off in McBride and some of these other younger guys playing. But other than to quickly drive and kind of making it up on his own or Randall getting hot. And again, without RJ, it's not entirely fair. But this is a weird offensive team right now with the Knicks. And I know Derek rose has moments on a nice first quarter. If you go across the bridge, did you guys see what Kevin Durant did last night? It's beyond the 34 13 and 11 in a close win and over time against the raptors. It is a 48 minute night from Durant, where he was playing with David duke, not that one. Cam Thomas, daeron sharp, we know. They're two first round picks. And a guy named Kessler Edwards, who opened, I think, for God street wine a few years ago. He played 44 minutes and actually had 17 and ten. I think it's his third game ever. Kessler Edwards. That's what Durant had around him as he beat the raptors in Scotty Barnes. How about that step back three in the corner? My God, is that guy?.

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