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But two of them at least are books that I feel like I can only take in bits and I think for good reason so I'm GonNa to talk only about one of them but just so you know. The three books are the latest book by Immanuel Career which is called ninety seven thousand one hundred ninety six words. We talked about it. A little bit on a podcast. Recently because Berry was reading another book his. It's not even all essay is some of it has reportage. It's a real mixed bag and it's wonderful. That's a good book to be rotating with others because you can read it in pieces. You could read it in pieces pieces and it's so excellent and I'm probably GonNa talking about every single piece but on a later podcast the other book that I'm reading also in bits is stony the road reconstruction white supremacy on the rise of Jim Crow by Henry Louis Gates Junior and he was on the podcast last year to talk about this and a children's book that he had written around the same time. This is also a book that you can really only take in bits and I'll talk about in more detail why that is later. It is what it sounds like. One of the reasons I am not carrying around with me is that it's a very handsomely. Produced Book with a lot of reproductions and it's an odd thing to say. Because the reproductions are very terrible. Bits of propaganda and literature and cartoons from the Jim Crow era. So we're both lately in the Jim Crow era reading wise and the third book. I also can only take in bits and I actually think is best. Read slowly and that is untangled. Guiding teenage girls through the seven transitions into adulthood by Lisa d'amour and this is the one I'll talk about today. I'm not finished with it one of the reasons. I'm reading it solely because I want to absorb it every day. It's a really smart book and it's rare in my experienced. Find a really smart well written believable useful parenting book. It so often feels in my experience like their composite characters. The people don't feel real. The conversations are that are reconstructed. Don't feel believable and it doesn't feel at all practical and this one is the opposite of all that everything about it is believable Lisa. D'amour is a Yale educated psychotherapists working in Shaker heights and she brought another book as well that I have not read booth books I believe been bestsellers and this is one that has been recommended to me a million times and I've already started recommending it to everyone. I know I'm like even if you don't have teenage girl like I recommended it to my brother who has an eleven year old girl. I'm just get ready prepare. I've recommended people with teenage boys because I feel like there's still parallels it's funny because a subtitle like the seven transitions into adulthood. I sort of it very gu like. But it's actually not. I don't even know what the seven transitions are. I'm reading it a few pages at a time. But it deals with everything from a girl's relationship with herself with her body with friendship with ambition with peer pressure and it just kind of goes through it and feel so real in so contemporary so I read it a few pages at night but it kind of depends slightly on my current interactions with my own teenage daughter. How much of it I want to have been moments? And was it originally published? It was published originally in hardcover in two thousand sixteen. But I have to say I know that does feel very recent very contemporary but the world tenures is changing so quickly particularly with technology and pop culture and just all of the issues. That are out there that I think. Teenagers are sort of grappling with probably more directly than many of US middle aged people who are probably often an avoidance mode that it still feels up to the moment for years. I know a couple of eleven year olds in it it. It seems to me like they're definitely like at the point that my generation was when we were like fourteen or like a teenager feels like it's moving earlier on earlier anyway the G. O. Y. Phenomenon growing older younger. Oh God John has revealed himself as the non parents here but yeah I feel like John read it. It's about you too okay. So that's what I'm reading. Let's run down the titles again. Greg. I'm reading. Uncanny valley a memoir by Anna Weiner. A Red Black boy by Richard Wright and I'm not reading the Ice Palace by tar high visas. I read the Bluest eyes by Toni. Morrison and I am reading slowly untangled. Guiding teenage girls through the seven transitions into adulthood. By Lisa d'amour all right. Thanks everyone remember. There's more NY DOT com slash books and you can always write to us at books at NY TIMES DOT Com. I write back not right away but I do the book. Podcast is produced by the greed. Pedro Rossato from head stepper media with a major assist for my colleague John Williams. Thanks for listening for the New York. Times I'm Pamela Paul..

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