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Yeah so zan so zander's line in that saw his little cadences i've got a theory we show and he makes he makes the joke about so he just i've got a theory that could be witches some evil witches that's what he says yes yes so the question what are you talking about and then he says which is which is ridiculous because which is they did and wicca good women power and and woman power and i'll be over the line yeah so my favorite part about that entire song though i've got a theory it could be bunnies and then he's terrible and everyone just stops looks at her yeah and then and then on your built her little rock hard rock belting solo it's a stopper oh it's a stab wished earlier on i think in the fourth season that anya just like terribly afraid of bunnies and i think it happens i in the halloween episode where zander says dress up for halloween guests come as something scary and she shows up in a giant bunny costume and so then it's just like dropped in every once in a while that she's like really terrified of bunnies so i think that's supposed to be like a callback yet it's it's you do find out eventually and like laker i think in season seven it goes back to on ios like her previous life before she became a demon and i think you find out for some reason why she is afraid of bunnies but i can't i can't quite remember why but they do tell you.

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