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Hey hey happy pride. Y'all hey what's so. Beal june for you guys. But it's june or according this so happy pride everything's great. Let's talk about what we did. This whole lordy start off. Because i know you're excited and you have done probably the most out of everyone. Yeah oh really yeah yeah. I didn't do anything except for. I existed abby pride. Okay so this month. I kind of went. I started off the month going like balls to the wall on pride stuff and then towards the end of the month of is just like you know what i'm going to enjoy pride and just like be me so a couple of things that we did. I looked up some lgbt. Listen to And the one that stood out the most was making gay history. Now if you listen to our bonus episode that came out for pride We discussed a podcast a few times and it was like. I'm not gonna tell you what it was. It was making gay history such a good show. So the first season focuses on pre stonewall. Lgbt movement it talks about the mattachine society daughters of In its this guy who in the eighties and nineties went out and interviewed these people. And it's all of his like audio recordings. Oh seriously hearing the people tell their own story. It's so cool and then As you go along it transitioned into stonewall and then after stonewall and then stepping outside of the united states it's really cool and every episode is audio there so many people podcasts audio from the people that you're learning about it's their actual voices historical recordings so many people out there that are like you know what. Burn start podcast. And we're actually going to make a difference. And there's there's what who earn like cats death. Dick's aliens tagline. Hello and welcome. We are the ladies strange. Cats digs death and aliens mean you're for it strangenesses a spectrum but this show was amazing and i binged all eat seasons in a week..

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