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Steer headed by the Sacramento. District attorney's office began to use ancestry websites that have compiled public DNA profiles based on people who've submitted their own DNA samples to the websites. The began looking at one website in particular called GED match to see if they could pair the east area rapist and a DNA sample that they had from one of the original night soccer cases to an existing DNA profile on one of these websites. And they looked and they looked and they looked. And then on Thursday, April nineteenth eighteen faith out. They found a guy. His name is Joseph James Giancarlo, and he'd been living in citrus heights, which is one of the areas where multiple attacks of the eastern Arabia's took place in the seventies even living there. The entire time police immediately put him under surveillance and by Friday they had obtained a discarded DNA sample. Judger tans. Angelo had probably thrown something out in the trash could've been a straw, drink cotton swab. Anything. And law enforcement surveilling the house collected it and they had a match. James Dangelo and lived in Sacramento for most of his life. He had gone to school in the area between nineteen seventy three and nineteen seventy nine. When the most active period of his crimes took place Jesse, James Angelo worked as a police officer in nineteen seventy nine. He was in fact fired from his police officer position because he was caught shoplifting dog repellent and a hammer you might ask, why would anyone wanna shoplift something like a hammer dog repellent? Well, if you're gonna use it for something very specific, you don't want that receipt to be in your record when he was arrested for shoplifting in nineteen seventy nine. He faced trial, but immediately pled no contest. You might say that he was eager to let that incident die quickly before thirties could look further Jesuit. Jen's Angelo also served in the navy in Vietnam, which added fuel. To the longstanding belief that he had had some sort of military training and that he had had some sort of marine training to type intricate nonce. The tied recently, one of his daughters moved into the house along with a granddaughter, authorities have said that family members are cooperating with police and that family members had no idea. Their father and grandfather was the Golden State killer. DNA evidence isn't a thousand percent accurate, but in this case, we had very specific reasons for believing that all of these cases are connected. We have DNA matches in several of the original nights soccer cases. We also have DNA evidence in multiple instances of Easter rapist cases. Those DNA samples have been matched together and because they have multiple DNA samples obtained from multiple cases. It's very, very, very unlikely that police have targeted the wrong person. Cops and California would have never caught the Golden State killer without DNA evidence, but the way the us DNA might set this really problematic precedent. That's an a beat. This today explained. This right? You've been to a mattress firm and actually bought a mattress ter-. Yes, you are. Rare breed might parents did to be fair as I was twelve. You're twelve years old. If you remember the experience. I do remember it really distinctly because we bought a new house. I was sleeping on twin mattress for twelve years. We went to the mattress firm which was Jain Ormuz. It was in Texas. It was extra big, and my expectation was getting a full bed. Then my dad took me over to the queens area and I lost my mind and the mattress firm guy in huge like talk to me directly. Did you see my expert? Definitely. I thought some like foamy crap was what I wanted. You know, some like weird soft stuff and go water. What a twelve year old Vaughn. Exactly. Like we don't have those here. They deal in the real over there, and he knew that's why I've had the same for sixteen years and it's still comfortable. Wait. This does a Celica backers probably. Anymore. I'm Sean Rotherham. This is today explained. We can easily be happy that a serial crime has been solved. But the way the Golden State killer was caught has been keeping Steve Mercer up at night. It is alarming for many people who find out that DNA that they have shared for one purpose is being used for an entirely different purpose. The cops started with some Golden State killer DNA, and then they tested that DNA to develop this much larger profile. This ancestry profile that looks at about seven hundred thousand places on the human genome has a lot more information in it. They ran this DNA through a genealogy site and open source genealogy site. Paul GED so long Forsman had to create some user account. They got this way distant relative. Then they created this massive family tree. And one branch leads to Joseph. James, the Angelo in citrus heights, right outside Sacramento got some notification of a potential relative went, and, but this person under surveillance and then collected what's called abandoned DNA. And evidently it was a perfect match and on the strength of that match has charged him. It all sounds like really good detective work, but ownership of DNA is a tricky thing. If you submit a sample to ancestry dot com because you want to investigate your family, ancestry few look through their terms and conditions. They will tell you, you own your DNA. Well, that sounds very reassuring. Steve Mercer has been litigating at the intersection of DNA and civil liberties for twenty years. He teaches law at the university of the district of Columbia, and he says, we're all at risk of another Facebook, Cambridge, Analytica type situation where your data. Gets shared without your approval except this time it's the most personal data. You've got your allowing them to use your genetic information to develop products and services that they may sell either themselves directly or in collaboration with research partners. The future of companies like Twenty-three me, ancestry dot com is not in the testing business. It's in the

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