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Live on air on Alexa or the W T. O. P s. It's 5 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS now and Jack Taylor standing by in the traffic center. See that spot on the Beltway topside out of Maryland. The crashes on the outer loop after Coles Hill Road, Everything has been moved over onto the right shoulder. But apparently Joan, you may be able to attest to this. This is that spot that you saw one of the many is a little bright. Unfortunately, that's that's slick spot. The temperatures were so low so we may be dealing with this. Unfortunately, a couple three times this morning. Hopefully, crews are on scene can see it. And lay down a big old water sander salt down across that roadway where the icy patches hopefully and again just take it easy If you're moving from 95 over toward to 70 on that stretch of the outer loop, just be cautious, this one in particular just after Cole's railroad, and that could be the spot in many cases, bridges, ramps, overpasses, any melting that we'd had re froze. So if you could see it in your headlights, and it's shiny, probably icy, so be careful Tree came down and reclaim its closing 1 23 both ways basically, between the GW Parkway in Glebe Road, you'll make As far as Mary Ridge Road if you're coming in the north bound direction, just be aware waiting on a tree crew to get that out of there as quickly as they possibly can. Also one accident in the district on Pennsylvania Avenue with Southern Avenue there, you're gonna find yourself under police direction. The Snell super plumbing sale is on save on select plumbing services and get a free water heater or garbage disposal inspection. For details, Visit Snell, heating and air dot com Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic here Storm team for a meteorologist Samara Theodore. Temperatures are rising today into the mid to upper thirties, but not before this cold start. So please be careful on the roads is we're in for a little bit of re freeze because of yesterday, black ice could be an issue. By this afternoon. High temperatures will be in the mid to upper thirties were sunny for your Monday on the Monday night into.

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