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Really our fashion favorite bloggers. The fug girls you've been doing this over fog nation has been around for about fifteen years, and it's just a fun website to go to all voted fashion. And yesterday something that really did not need to come up, which was a Livia Munn. Scolding in a very attest his his clutching her pearls way pearls about the fun girls. Taking exception to a bad outfit that either was given to her or she was paid wear and she went on and on and on. Yeah. With her thin, thin skin and fug nation came together to defend protect Heather in Jessica. And they did not what do they do yesterday? They just kept doing their job just kept posting fashion. The work did not stop. It was business as usual, but they were contacted by USA today. That's how big this story yet. Everybody. I mean, Libya. Mom, I don't know. It's just seem so wrong to take people to task for what you're wearing. I mean, it's just so wrong. Okay. So here's what they said. Heather just said, they absolutely respect Livia, Munns raped her opinion. Even if we disagree as we do here. They continued red carpet fashion is a big business and an art form like any other. Yep. And as such there's room to critique it having said that we wish her nothing, but the best and look forward to her next project. We can't wait to see her next outfit. That's the best. Yeah. Us move. Then they just tweeted because people were tweeting at them. We did all kinds of apple Slade jazz Abell variety. Vogue teen vogue. Everybody was weighing in on this and didn't go her way. I think she wanted more publicity for something. And it was just wrong. I don't know she stepped in quite a number of times with her things she had some very problematic thing she said about dating a few years ago before she was with Aaron Rodgers. But then at the very end of the workday out about six o'clock east coast time because they've respond to everybody, and they didn't like and re tweeted and play that game. What they did was the acknowledged the community that surrounded them with love, and they just posted a scene from golden girls were all for the ladies come together in a big group. And that's all they put. So that was a perfect response. And of course. They also love all things Royal, and they did a really great book few years ago called the Royal we and we're getting a sequel we had him on for it. Yes. Yes, we did. And every week, you know, they just have a Royal round up in EMMY lasts or last night. They even did the NFL draft all the guys in their different suits and stuff. So I mean, it really Harris good fashion. Yeah. The best thing to come out of this whole Livia month thing trying to scold the fun girls. Is that more people are aware? And I did notice Livia months Twitter. A lot of people were thanking her for alerting them about this delightful fashion websites. Perfect. So okay. Hi, she did hokey. So L Roker is giving an interview, and he actually wrote an essay for guide post about his nearly seventeen year old son that he has with Deborah Roberts. Why didn't was his second wife might think that you know, that I think I knew that. And anyway, he is a daughter from his. First marriage hin, Deborah have the daughter and son. And he his his essay was very matter. Fact in descriptive about the fact that his son has special needs in his somewhere on the spectrum. And but one of the thing you can read you that guide post is where it was. 'cause it's kind of it's it's a long story, and they have a video with him. And that one really trumped up. But he he he had to say this about kids he said on on any given day. Your children are trying to suck the life. I mean. Been smoking by a parent. And really if you read this essay, it's truly touching and it's really one of the better celebrity as say's that. And his life. Yes. And just about you know, how difficult it is to have a special Sheild. And it's like it just takes. He he didn't write about it in a way that like, whoa. Is me or anything. He wasn't. He he's proud of his son. And he tries to be a good, dad. And you know, he talks about joy. Yes. Yes. His son gives him and make some loud veges that mean that just told me loud at any given day your children. It's true. Okay. Laurie Lachlan is shocked and saddened. That operations varsity blues whether legacy is going to be this end CNA. No, well, they don't fail. They did anything wrong. It was a family matter that went wrong. Just don't I don't know. But I again, I hear that federal prosecutors. This is not the legacy. She no I'd like to go back and join a different army reminds me of Benjamin private Benjamin Wynn. Joe goalie Hawn joins the army gets station. She's like this is that the one I signed up for condos that mine. That woman who was the the sergeants. She was so funny. Yeah. Died for years. I guess you. It's weird about Laurie lack on an even her daughter is that they really miss judge one percent who they are in Hollywood Laurie Lachlan is not a list, she see list. A Livia Jade thought that she was like she could really move a lot of product like a car, dashing or Jenner. You know that she was more. She was moving a lot of products not not to the level not to love. They thought they were a list like in the Hollywood thing because of the Mosima money from target. So they lived in I around I think she always misjudge her legacy is always going to be at Becky to spoil kids. Anyway. So I appreciate versity blues or you mean. I did. But that is what her legacy was going to be. All the great hallmarks movies. Okay. Would it be? But it would seem as she this is from people magazine that she feels she is saddened and shocked that that's what our legacy is going to be criminal. It was always going to be hallmark aunt Becky with the to spoil kids and Becky did have to spoke kids, you know. Yeah. So that's all I'm just saying. It was never he's not, you know, a list she's got a list money because Mosman made apparently how long was he at target. I don't forever. Okay. Here's so Vanessa Williams who starred with Felicity Huffman in desperate housewives. She needs to buy clue Laurie. Oh, she she needs a lot of help. Yeah. Clue from. Yeah. But no, that's her defense glue less. So when Vanessa Williams had heard that the feds came with gun guns drawn to velocity have men's home that morning they co starring desperately. She said my phone blew up and she just texted her right away. And just said, wishing you love 'em protection infelicity center. No back. Thank you, my dear friend that is what I need. So at least acknowledging so freaked out for us. She probably didn't hear from right? Yeah. All right. Listen, what's going to happen next to you? We don't know it's five o'clock on Friday. So, you know, we're going to sing and fifty five minutes and pick up some somebody over day to get the oil changed on my Mercedes delay occurred to me, I've come a long way from that beater car. Drove in college the one that stalled on the side of the road somewhere outside of Saint Peter in nineteen eighty nine or the tiny used car. I bought when I got my first job or the minivan. I drove because I was for my three kids. I've worked really hard in my life taking care of the kids needs for twenty.

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